Passive Income Report June 2016


monthly income report, passive income report, make money online, how to make money bloggingWelcome to my monthly income report for June 2016!

Since October 2015, every month I publish a detailed report with all the accounts for my online businesses. On them I include the earnings and expenses, I tell a little bit about my personal experience and what new things I have been trying during this period of time.

I explain as well what my future targets are and if the previous ones have been achieved or not. Why doing this?

  1. It helps me to keep track of my personal finances. In any moment of time, I can look back at my reports and see what steps and results I got from determined strategies, like a log book.
  2. Increase trusting. I also want to show you that I am a real person starting from the first step. There are many amazing bloggers out there reporting their incomes of thousands of dollars, but I found very little bloggers reporting low amounts of money like me. I think this can help to starters and to people who are not decided yet to start their own online business.
  3. Motivation. Writing here my results will put me on that kind of uncomfortable position in which I need to demonstrate that I can go one step further instead of getting lazy and rely on excuses. My finances are open to everybody!

All earnings here reported are coming from Passive Income sources. I am not including any kind of outsourcing because the intention is you show you how far I can go with only passive income sources.

This is my 8th month reporting my accounts and I simply love it!

You can have a look to my previous monthly income reports:



For the purposes of this section I will include the posts/pages created for each of my Niche Sites and then for the PIW blog:

Niche Site 1

I didn’t spend almost any time updating this website during June because this Niche Site is running by itself. I just checked that everything is running fine and that the server doesn’t have any problems.

Also, I answered few comments and I did a bit of maintenance. I spent no more than 1 hour in total.

Passive Income Wise

Here is the list the posts and pages included during this time so you can have a look at what I’ve been working on this month

During June I didn’t work much for this blog as I’ve been kind of busy with my wedding preparation and other stuff related with my Ph.D.

But still, I earned some fresh income.


Google Adsense (from niche site 1): $59.70

  • Previous Month: $63.33
  • Difference: – $3.63

Monumetric Ads (from niche site 1): $185.68        Start with Monumetric for free if you have more than 80k page views

  • Previous Month: $246.66
  • Difference: – $60.98

PadSquad mobile ads (from niche site 1): $114.28

  • Previous Month: $97.54
  • Difference: + $16.74

YouTube (from niche site 1): $0.71

  • Previous month: $0.36
  • Difference: + $0.35

Amazon Affiliate Program: $0.80

  • Previous month: $0.30
  • Difference: + $0.50

ShareASale Affiliate Program: $2.08        Click here to read my post about ShareASale

  • Previous Month: $9.76
  • Difference: – $7.68

Grammarly: $0.00        Click here to start using Grammarly for free

  • Previous Month: $0.20
  • Difference: – $0.20

Qmee: $0.80        Click here to read my post about Qmee

  • Previous Month: $0.90
  • Difference: – $0.10

Bluehost: $0.00         How to start a blog with WordPress and Bluehost

  • Previous Month: $0.00
  • Difference: + $0.00

AppCoiner, Get Paid To Test Apps (from ClickBank): $0.00 

  • Previous Month: $0.00
  • Difference: + $0.00

Redbubble: $4.83

  • Previous Month: $0.00
  • Difference: + $4.83

Another month with zero earnings from Bluehost. Hopefully one day I will get anything from it because it’s a really good service to promote and for somebody trying to start it would be an amazing purchase.


In February I needed to upgrade the hosting for my Niche Site 1. Before I was using a shared hosting with a limitation of 150 GB of transfer data, now I have my own VPS in where I have up to 5,000 GB and host an unlimited number of domains. A total of $72.50

  • Purchase of a new WP Theme and other development Expenses$122.63

The initial investment for the hosting and domain name (for PIW) was done in October and this one is already running for free.

Net Total Balance: $374.83 – $195.13 = $179.70

  • Previous month: $346.96
  • Difference: – $167.26 (-48.2%)

June was a good month in terms of income, very similar to May, my ads from Niche Site 1 have given good results with no many problems. I believe this is because of the advertiser trusting, generally, the longer you place certain ads, long term they will give you more money, or at least this is how it works with Google Adsense.

In June I did few investments and that is why my balance dropped in around a 48%. To be honest, I just expected this, but I hope next months will be much better.

This is my 8th month reporting my accounts and it seems to be stable now. Obviously, it’s nothing to compare with other famous bloggers (which you can find in my Favourite Bloggers Income Reports), but for a starter like me, it’s considered an important milestone. I am having more than $150 profit and this is awesome.

The graph below shows my income and expenses since I started with my Niche Site 1 in February 2015. It seems incredible that I’ve been on this for more than one year!

june income progress

The graph below shows the balance or profit which is calculated as:

Balance = IncomeExpenses

june balance progress


Did you like my June Income Report? Are you interested in earning income online?

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, I created a tutorial-guide that will help you start your own blog for cheap, You need very little investment, starting at only $3.95 per month (this deal is only through my link) for blog hosting. Additionally, you will get a free blog domain (valued at $12-15) through my Bluehost link, only if your purchase is for at least 12 months of blog hosting. My recommendation is for you to be self-hosted. This is important if you want to monetize your blog because your website will look more professional.

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  1. Earning almost $350 without much effort must be a lovely feeling. Congratulations.
    Like you say, your income looks fairly steady. I guess the challenge is taking it to the next level. Do you have anything planned?

    • Hey Matt, yeah, it’s a sweet feeling, but just knowing that there is potential for much more is even sweeter =)

      I’ve been a bit busy with my Spanish wedding and some PhD stuff but know I want to come back to the blog. I already have few ideas in mind to work in, most of them related to affiliate marketing and some involving a course and/or a course.

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