francisco-passive-income-wiseWelcome to my personal blog!

My name is  Francisco. I’m a 29 years old guy from Spain living in Cambridge (UK). I work as an engineer while I’m finishing a PhD in data analysis.

I’m a married man since September 2014 and I consider myself a very lucky person. My amazing wife and I have been living in the UK for quite a while.


Four years ago I was living in Spain, I was a happy “just graduated” engineer, I was studying for 6 years (a 5 years degree plus a Master). With my preparation I thought I could get an amazing job and enjoy life, but I wasn’t right. The most demanding skill for an engineer nowadays is the language, in this case, English. Back then I wasn’t even able to maintain an easy conversation so I decided to go abroad to learn it.

I decided to live in the United Kingdom would be the best choice because of the short distance with Spain and because I didn’t need any special Visa to live there. So in February 2013, I packed all my stuff in a 15 kg luggage and with only $500 in my pocket and a full paid room in a shared house for the length of a month I decided to go to the adventure to London.

To put you in context, $500 is the price of a room rent for a month, so my time there was limited, I really needed a job! With my null level of English the only kind of jobs I could think about were hostelry.

It took 3 days to find a couple of part time jobs, during the morning kitchen porter in a pub and during the evening time in a Japanese restaurant. I was working 24/7 just to pay my bills and have enough for a living. The next step was to find a job related to my studies. It took 3 months to find an internship in a research company in Cambridge. Well, that was something more interesting.

During the next 9 months I learnt quite a lot about Oil and Gas and reliability and I did a couple of trips to Abu Dhabi (which were amazing, but this deserve to be treated in a separated post). My placement was about to finish and my boss offered me to

My placement was about to finish and my boss offered me the possibility of doing a PhD with them in agreement with Brunel University London. Wow! That was great, really good news! I was gonna continue learning while I was paid, perfect, deal!! Obviously, I accepted.

Well, today I am just finishing my last year of PhD, it only remains few weeks. During my time in Cambridge, I was lucky enough to meet the woman who was going to be my future wife. My life couldn’t even be better!


A few months back I didn’t know anything about blogging, passive income, SEO or any other internet marketing stuff. After my hard experience in London, I was finally enjoying life with my wife, doing some random trips, going out with friends and learning a lot about engineering with my PhD. Back then I started playing an Android game, one of those typical ones that you install for playing when you are waiting for the bus or just before sleep.

The thing is that this game was somehow addictive, an RNG game with very little information/guides on the internet. I really wanted to know more about it so I decided to create my own blog about the game so I could do some tests and try to find equations which govern the game. The idea was to post my results so more people can read. My first intention was purely altruist.

I spent countless hours trying to make my website good-looking. I searched for nice free plugins and themes. One of those days, while I was looking for a plugin to change font types I jumped into a different blog in which the article was telling a success story about somebody making money for a living with Passive Income (I don’t remember now the article or the website). That article switched on a sparkle on me.

I started reading more and more, at the beginning the basic stuff. The first thing I did was to include Google Analytics on my website. Well, it wasn’t that bad, around 50 sessions/day during the first month with only 1 month of life. For me it was amazing, just thinking that 50 people read my content every day was kind of blow mind. I created a Niche Site without knowledge of it!

Well, after that I continued learning and I added Google Adsense to my blog, I still remember my first dollar, it felt like winning the lottery. My main target was to earn enough money to pay the host and domain name so at least I don’t lose money.

With the time I got better with Search Engine Optimisation just by reading other blogs. Be aware that I was using only free tools and the trial periods of many good products like Long Tail Pro.

Today and after 2 years of starting my very first blog I am proud to say that I consider myself successful of what I’ve got so far, and, that is why now I want to go one step forward.

If you want to learn more about my Niche Site 1 you can have a look to my income reports:


So that’s the question. Why am I creating Passive Income Wise instead of another Niche Site and earn more money? I had these thoughts in my mind for quite a while. I could have chosen a good Niche Site with a good keyword research but instead, I decided to create PIW.


I finally decided that it was time to share my experience and hopefully to inspire new people to the Passive Income world. Time to revert all the knowledge I gained so far thanks to reading amazing bloggers. You can find them in the page:

So I decided to sign up with Bluehost for 1 year. Why Bluehost? Because most of my favourite bloggers are using it and if they do it’s because it should be good. If you would like to start a blog I recommend you Bluehost, my personal experience so far is good and they have very competitive prices, in the package, it is included domain name as well. You can have a look at the link below:

Anyway, going back to the topic, Passive Income Wise is intended to be a resource to new and medium experience bloggers that can have some sort of Passive Income in their lives.

It helps me tracking my monthly passive incomes and to know what strategies and resources I have been using in past so you and I can learn about successes and failures. On this way, new bloggers just need to use the right strategies and don’t go to the dark path of failures.

Thank you for taking the time to read my About page. I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!



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