the-list-of-bloggers-income-reports-and-blog-metricsDuring my free time, one of the things I like to do is reading other people’s blogs and experiences. I follow quite a big number of blogs, however recently my interest is more related to those ones which report their strategies and share their Monthly Passive Income Reports. It’s unbelievable to me how much I’ve learned about them in a short period of time.

Most of them are simply amazing and are excellent resources to learn about pretty much everything related to Passive Income. All of them are real cases of success stories or bloggers who just started following the passive income lifestyle.

If you want to follow the last updates of the list you can join my email list and I will send you monthly updates with the last Income Reports.

I have included my blog as well to the list because I really want to know how I’m doing every month compared with other bloggers. Hopefully every month I will rank higher and higher. If you want to check my Income Reports you can have a look at my page: Monthly Income Reports.


List of my Favourite Bloggers

Here is the list of my favourite bloggers. All of them have been inspiring to me and hopefully will be to you.

BlogAuthorStartedLast MonthIncomeHostCountry
Smart Passive IncomePat Flynn2008December$ 107,999BluehostUSA
Entrepeneurs on FireJohn Lee Dumas2012January$ 107,465Cirtex HostingUSA
Pinch of YumLindsay and Bjork2010December$ 86,875Media Temple-
So Over ThisJustin2011January$ 45,896--
Making Sense Of CentsMichelle S.2012January$ 44,782Steadfast Net.USA
Matthew WoodwardM. Woodward2011January$ 24,298Traffic Planet HostingUK
RankXLChris Lee2009August$ 23,948GoDaddy-
Johnny FDJohnny Jen2013January$ 22,745Google IncUSA
Just a Girl and Her BlogAbby2013December$ 20,441 CloufFlareUSA
Shout Me LoudHarsh Agrawal2008September$ 16,887 CloudFlareIndia
Human Proof DesignsDom Wells2013November$ 15,422KnownHostTaiwan
UntemplaterSydney2009December$ 13,361OVH HostingUSA
Digital Nomad WannabeSharon2013December$ 8,725FranTech SolutionsAustralia
Arts & ClassyMeredith2013December$ 5,712BluehostUSA
Single Moms IncomeAlexa2012January$ 5,592GoDaddyUSA
Project Digital RiseJulien2006November$ 5,220SoftLayer
Pulling CurlsHilary2014January$ 5,026CloudFlare-
Believe in a BudgetKristin2014December$ 4,238BluehostUSA
Fitness FashionistaDanielle Stewart2013January$4,169LinodeUSA
Miss Bizi BeeKaitlin2014December$ 3,421Bluehost-
Plating and PairingsErin2014December$ 3,278BluehostUSA
Aff EngineerMateen2013June$ 3,111Beyond Hosting-
Joyful AbodeEmily2007December$ 3,045CloudFlareUSA
True ValhallaMatthew2012December$ 2,986CloudFlareAustralia
Travel Blog BreakthroughWill Tang2014November$ 2,983SiteGround-
Retired by 40Gretchen2013October$ 2,550Steadfast Net.USA
Geny GirlKayla Cruz2012December$ 2,416NNX Solutions-
Income BullyNathan2015January$ 2,411BluehostUSA
Embracing SimpleChristina2014January$ 2,371GoDaddyUSA
The Frugal MillionareSarah2014December$ 2,022BluehostUSA
Inspired Bloggers NetworkTabitha Philen2012June$ 2,007OVH Hosting-
Passive Income WiseFrancisco Anes2015January$ 1,693BluehostSpain
Dumb Passive IncomeMatthew Allen2012November$ 1,632BluehostUSA
Trump ExcelSumit Bansal2013December$ 1,354GoDaddyIndia
Mostly MorganMorgan Timm2014December$ 1,369HostGatorUSA
Reinis FischerReinis Fischer2013November$ 947LinodeGeorgia
Income MeshDrazen Prastalo2007December$ 858SiteGroundCroatia
Budget Fairy TaleMindy2012December$ 730HostGatorUSA
One Hour ProfessorRon Stefanski2011January$ 669SitegroundUSA
Erin's Inside JobErin2014August$ 664BluehostUSA
The Practical SaverAllan Liwanag2015April$657BluehostUSA
Jessica GavinJessica Gavin2012December$ 693Media TempleUSA
Back to Her RootsCasie2010June 2014$ 503HivelocityUSA
Tech Johnson YTSteven Johnson2015November$ 387BluehostUSA
Test Dummy IncomeTony Sheldon2014August$ 339Bluehost-
Cash Flow DiariesAlexander2015January$ 412BluehostUSA
Telecommuting MommiesAlaina2010September$ 247Unified LayerUSA
AliRazaAli Raza2015January$ 205CrocWebPakistan
My Path to Passive IncomeEsteban2015January$ 57AmazonLuxembourg
Wired BearStefan2015October$ 43GoDaddySerbia
Online FanaticKenny Leng2013August$ 41DreamHostUSA
Lauren SchroerLauren2010August$ 32SquarespaceCanada
BlogetizationJohn Ryan2015November$ 3BluehostUSA
Passive Income JourneyDavid Woods2015November$ 1BluehostBelgium
The Extra Income ProjectLloyd Phillips2015January$ 0.04--
Online Income ReportChad Bostick2015January

If you like them as I do you can subscribe to their own personal blogs and learn about their personal stories.



  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list. I am obsessed with looking at these income reports also and its amazing to see how much money can be made from blogging! Hopefully my numbers will continue to increase.

    Ill be keeping an eye on yours as well to see how you progress!

    • Hi Alexander,

      Yes, some of the income reports are awesome! However they have been working hard for that and they deserve. I am sure you will go up more and more in the list. To be honest I am very impressed with your blog and despite I am not in the property business I read many of your posts.

  2. Hi Francisco,
    thanks for including me in your list. Your blog is better and better every day!
    Keep working hard mate and you will make a great resource here.

    Waiting for November update!

    • Thanks Stefan!

      That’s the intention, give value to readers. November is around the corner, just 10 more days, I am very impatient to report my results!!

      Impatient as well to update your results in the list =D

  3. great reports! Love looking at these as I’m a new blogger and am hoping to make some money and maybe get on your list. One thing I noticed though – I wanted to pin this to pinterest and I don’t see any pinterest share buttons on your blog. Might want to add one to get some pinterest traffic! Thanks for the great info šŸ™‚

    • As soon as you publish your first income report please let me know and I will include you on the list.
      I will figure out a way to add Social Media sharing on pages because I only have it on posts.

  4. Francisco, what a great resource! I’m a huge fan of income reports as well and have been compiling a database of over 1400 months of data from 100+ bloggers.

    It looks like you’ve found a few bloggers that I’ve missed and I think I’ve found a few that you haven’t listed yet as well. Looks like a great opportunity for us to share information! If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Here is my Complete List of Bloggers Who Share Income Reports:

    • Hey Asad,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Could you send the link to your income reports please? I couldn’t find them in your website.

  5. Hi there,
    This is an awesome list. I’ve just published my first income report (not much income but you have to get to the mountain to climb it I guess). Hoping to change those figures soon, in the meantime I’m committed to sharing details of income and traffic. I’d be delighted if you could consider adding me to your list. My first income report is at:

    If you’re willing to add me, what would be the process for updating you each month?

    • Hey Lloyd, thank you for coming by and for your kind words. I added your income report to the list, I only need from you a couple of things: your hosting and country (of course if you want to share).
      I’m sure you will climb the mountain, I also started like you with few cents at the beginning, creating income reports is very motivational and help you to keep track of your progress, congratulations in starting! You don’t need to worry about updating your income reports, I will keep an eye in your website but if for any reason you see that I forgot to do it, please, send me a comment.

    • Well done, over $600 is such an important amount for 3 months of blogging, are you full-time on this? Btw, you have been added to the list, I will be waiting for your next income report.

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