Passive Income Report October 2015 (with traffic and metrics)


monthly income report, passive income report, make money online, how to make money bloggingWelcome to my monthly income report for October 2015!

Each month I will try to publish a detailed account of what is happening in my online businesses, including earnings and goings on a month by month (as well as lessons learned).

My intention is to keep track of my own progress and to make it public so people like you can learn from my successes and failures. 

This is my first month, and I decided to do it because I believe this is a great success for my first month blogging. Hurray! I started with zero experience and I’m already making money. I’m so motivated! šŸ™‚

If you feel like you want to follow my blogging journey from today, you can subscribe below and I will send you updates every month about how I’m progressing with my blog.

Now, let’s go to the core of what you are here for.


October has been the best month so far since I started in January 2015, and even more considering it has been my most busy month since then. Busy in terms of personal stuff. My wife got a job near London and since we are living currently in Cambridge we have been kind of busy looking for houses to move in.

Due to my previous experience gained during my last 9 months, in October 2015 I decided to create Passive Income Wise (PIW). I didn’t really know much about how I am gonna do it or what kind of content I would include. Inspired by some people like Pat Flynn from SPI,  Matthew Allen from Dumb Passive Income or Alexander from Cash Flow Diaries I decided to start my own path to spread to the world my experience with Online Marketing. So yes, I consider this a big deal and it deserves to be included in this section.

I took $159.38 from my savings and I created this website with the help of Bluehost. I have previous experience with other hosting companies but I was very curious about Bluehost, and that is why I tried this time. Zero problems so far. Click here if to learn how to start a blog with WordPress and Bluehost.


Google Adsense: $66.23

  • Previous Month: $44.39
  • Difference: + $21.84

This is a big jump for me. When I first started I told myself that I would be satisfied if I can reach a threshold of $50/month, but now that I reached it I know it is not enough, that I can do much more and I will put effort on that.

Out of the income earned with Adsense, $32.05 are directly from clicks (with a CPC of $0.14), $27.34 are from Views, $5.26 from Active Views and $1.60 from Engagements.

YouTube: $1.78

  • Previous Month: $1.55
  • Difference: + $0.23

Considering that I didn’t update any video during October I consider $1.78 a good amount for doing “nothing” new.

Amazon Affiliate Program: $7.90

  • Previous Month: Not implemented.

October has been the first month I tried Amazon Affiliate and it resulted to be pretty good. Money not expected at all, I like it. I have one banner on the right side of the website with a product from Amazon that I consider useful for my readers. I sold 4 items, however, none of them are the recommended product.

amazon affiliate october 2015 passive income wise

Bluehost: Ā£0.00 ($0.00)

  • Previous Month: Ā£0.00 ($0.00)
  • Difference: + Ā£0.00 ($0.00)

I totally expected this. I only have one banner and it’s by the end of my niche site in a place that very little people scroll down. Plus it is not an interest based advertisement since my niche is an Adsense site. Let’s see if in future I get lucky with it.


Bluehost hosting service (for 1 year): $159.38

  • Previous Month: Not included.
  • Difference: Ā£0.00 ($0.00)

Includes Domain name. I don’t include this in the Net Total balance because they are considered as start-up costs and they will be included in the year balance.

Net Total Balance: $75.91

October was a great month, with a large jump due to an increase of 50% on Adsense revenue and the incorporation of Amazon products. I didn’t expect to have any earnings with Amazon that early, but it is a nice surprise.


Since Passive Income Wise was launched one week ago there is not enough data to report it. Therefore, the reported here correspond to my niche site.

passive income wise traffic october 2015Page views: 225,351 (+122,544 compared to September 2015)

Wow! Double than last month, that is incredible! I need to recognise that many of them are due to a couple of posts that went viral, but every month I have some posts going viral so it is a real improvement. 

I believe this increase in traffic is due to the hard work put over the last 3 months. I thought it would never happen. Now I am satisfied and I know what is the path to follow to continue improving: create amazing content.

Niche Site 1 is ranking 20 in Google for the keyword targeted but 99% of the people accessing is because of Long Tail Keywords. Lesson learned? Focus long tail keywords, they are the key!

Number of new people visiting the site: 42,888

I calculated it doing the following calculation: (Sessions) x (%New Sessions). 

42k new people who visited Niche Site 1. Can you see the scope of these numbers as I do? 42k new people means 42,000 potential permanent visitors if what they found satisfied their needs. That’s amazing!! 

But now, let’s have a look at the different types of traffic we’ve got.

passive income wise october 2015 organic traffic

Since the beginning, I have been targeting Organic Traffic because it’s the one that gives you real passive income. Is the permanent traffic that will be always there no matter if you continue creating content or not. Of course, I will continue creating content but October has been the real example of a month which I didn’t publish a lot of content and still it generated tons of traffic.

Social traffic is mainly coming from Facebook and Reddit and a little bit from Twitter. I found some months back the importance of sharing your posts in matching Reddit communities as people can give you good feedback and comments.

11,680 of traffic from Direct looks promising, most of them are coming from Bookmarks meaning they liked those posts. Really satisfied with this number.

Referral traffic is important as well, but I didn’t work in creating backlinks since several months back, so I believe it’s fair the low amount traffic coming for referrals. 

Google Adsense Metrics

I would really like to share more data from my Adsense account but since the politics of Adsense are very restrictive I will post the maximum I can.

  • Cost per Click (CPC): $0.14
  • Clicks: 341 with a total of 301k ads impressions
  • Page RPM: $0.47

Now you will wonder why this low CPC and RPM. The explanation here: Niche Site 1 is in a niche that is not lucrative, however as you can see it is easy to get a high volume of traffic. When I first created Niche Site 1 the idea wasn’t making money out of it but with the time I realised the potentiality of creating a small business with it. Still, I’m happy with the numbers, sounds like a good beginning.


I will try to separate the social media activities corresponding to different websites. So far I have only two to report: Niche Site 1 (NS1) and Passive Income Wise (PIW).


Niche Site 1 (NS1).

  • Likes Page: 1,230 (+168 New Likes)
  • Group Members: 480 (+31 New Members)
  • Friends: 1,367 (+50 New friends)

What I did to increase this numbers is just sharing my new posts and reply some of the comments. The increase is very low due to the low content added in October.

Passive Income Wise (PIW). Like Passive Income Wise on Facebook

  • Likes Page: 0
  • Group Members: 0
  • Friends: 0

Just started, 0 friends and likes. Hoping that next month will be some more.


Niche Site 1 (NS1)

  • Followers: 294 (+13 New Followers)

I don’t really use Twitter despite I know how powerful can it be, but for my audience, Twitter is not very common so I don’t put much effort on it. I have the auto share every time I publish something new.

Passive Income Wise (PIW).

  • Followers: 0

Not created a Twitter account yet.


Niche Site 1 (NS1)

  • Subscribers: 295 (+39 New Subscribers)

I only uploaded one video during October. 39 new subscribers look cool. Each video takes quite a lot of time in comparison with what I take from it but still, I will continue creating some more.

I don’t intend to create YouTube channel for Passive Income Wise, at least not now, we’ll see in future.

Email List

Niche Site 1 (NS1)

  • Subscriptions: 351 (+14 New Subscriptions)

During October 2015 I deleted the registration form because it was giving some problems. The 14 new subscriptions are coming from the comments box that has a click to register. Currently, my email list is with Mail Chimp but I would like to change to Aweber or any other more professional service.

I didn’t create an email list for PIW yet but it will come soon.


As a future work for November 2015 the followings are my targets:

  • Create all kind of social media for Passive Income Wise (Twitter, Google+, etc).
  • Start building an email list.
  • Create content for Passive Income Wise.
  • Organise and structure this website.
  • Generate traffic through the creation of content.
  • Implement Shareasale affiliate in Niche Site 1.

I’m sure you realised that most of the work is related to this blog, it’s because from today is my One Thing and Iā€™m 100% focused on improving PIW right now.


Did you like my first Income Report? Are you interested in earning income online?

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This post contains affiliate links. These products have helped me to grow my blog and to generate more passive income from.

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Francisco Anes is a personal finance blogger who loves blogging and spending time with his family. He works from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday but his dream is to reach financial freedom. On his blog, he writes about saving money, budgeting, pay off debt and making money blogging. Francisco lives with his family in Cambridge, UK.


    • Hello Alexander!

      It’s nice to see you here around in my new website. Thank you for adding Passive Income Wise to your list.


    • Hi Judy!

      Thanks for commenting! As you can see this is my first post out of the whole blog, intending to creating more.



  1. Hi Francisco! I found your site on Reddit while I was looking to place some links back to my site šŸ™‚

    Nice income report, can you maybe share your niche ( in global view ) and some traffic hacks? I think you should have a better earnings with 220K page views, what is your CTR?

    I also started health niche journey back in September – inspired by Pat and the others. If you have time stop by and check blog over on , I would love to stay in touch with you.


    • Hello Stefan,

      Nice you see you here! Thank you for your kind words.

      What do you mean with “global view” and “traffic hacks”? My CTR is 0.13%. I believe the earnings are low because it is a Videogame niche and most of the people visit the site to read guides or obtain specific information.

      I am sorry to tell you that I prefer to not share the particular domain due to possible negative SEO attacks.

      I’ve been having a look to your site, it looks so clean and professional, definitely a site which I will visit often. I will give you personal feedback about it in your site.



      • Hi Francisco,

        sorry I guess that I don’t know how to express myself in English well.
        What I meant is can you share niche ( for example I’m in health niche ), but you said now that it is game niche.
        Don’t share domain, that is smart decision, I’m also hidding domain because of negative SEO.
        What I meant by ‘traffic hacks’ is just some advices for people if you find some good tactics to generate traffic. I think this can improve article value to readers.
        Your CTR is very low if it is 0.13% ( be sure to calculate CTR for Page Views not for Impressions ). I’m sure that you can easly triple your earnings with just small ad placement optimization. Be sure to use all 3 ad units.
        This is how I place my ads and have 2.3% CTR = .
        Thanks for the feedback, stop by anytime šŸ™‚

        • Sorry for the late answer Stefan.

          I am sure I can improve my Niche Site CTR. I checket it out again and my historic CTR average is 0.28%, still very low, I believe I can bring it up to 1.00%

          The problem I see is that it can look very intrusive if I place ads in the right top part of the site. However I think I am going to try, I will let you know in a couple of weeks the results.

  2. hey mate!

    i found your website because you commented on pat flynn’s website!

    and wow , I found someone who is just starting up to grow .. and this is just what I am looking for because all I found in the web are the big guys out there who earns so much money I could have never ever imagined earning myself lol ..

    so thanks to you , You are my inspiration now to start my own passive income business!

    keep ’em coming mate..

    more power!

    • Rob, I am happy that you find my website useful. And as you, when I started I needed inspiration about somebody starting as I’m right know.

      I think the importance of these reports is not showing off how much you earn, but showing the real strategy and results. I encourage you to start your passive income business, it’s so fun when you start and later even more.

      If you have any question related on how to start you can always ask me. On the mean time you can always subscribe to my email list so you can receive updates. =)

  3. Good going, I really appreciate and nice to see that your blog is growing day by day, however I assume your income is a little low if i compare with the traffic you have.

    Either you need to understand your audience or there is something wrong, anyway keep sharing your insights and thoughts, looking forward to the november report now, cheers. šŸ™‚

    • Ali Raza, Niche Site 1 is a very particular Niche with more than 800,000 monthly searches (including long tail keywords). The CPC and CTR for this Niche is very low in general but the higher you rank in Google the higher the CPC will be.

      Right now I am ranking 20 for the targeted keyword. Once I get the first position the CPC will be boosted. If you read the next income report (which I will publish either today or tomorrow) you will realise the big increase in earnings for Niche Site 1.

      Thank you for your comment.

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