If you want to write a tutorial or guest post for my blog, I will be happy to publish it! 🙂

You will get access to my audience and your post will become part of my email autoresponder resources.

You will also receive a link to your website featuring you as an author.

Guest Post Requirements

In my blog, I keep a standard of quality and your post will need to meet a minimum of rules:

  • Useful and relevant content.
  • The post needs to be written by you.
  • Original content not published before.
  • Include images to guide readers.

Format Requirements

The following guidelines are recommended to be applied to your post:

  • No less than 800 words. Ideally more than 1,000.
  • Be yourself, casual and relax tone of voice.
  • Maximum 2-3 sentences by paragraph.

Still Interested In Guest Post?

If you still want to be published on the blog, please get in touch with me and send over:

  1. Tell me who you are.
  2. Some example of previous work or website.
  3. Your guest post topic or potential topics.
  4. If the guest post is already written, send it over.

I’ll wait for your post!



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