Why Time Is More Valuable Than Money


time is more valuable than money, how to buy time, the best that money can buyWhy time is more valuable than money? While you can always work in ways to generate more money, you will never get your time back. Time is even more valuable than gold. But here is a small spoiler about this article: Money can buy time!

When you’re laid on your deathbed (depressing thought, but bear with it) you won’t be thinking about how much money you have in the bank, or the amazing gadgets you bought throughout your life.

You’ll be thinking about the experiences you had and the memories you shared with those close to you.

We’re living in a consumer-driven society. That means we’re focused on things we want to buy; the latest iPhone comes out and you want it, you feel you need it, and somehow you feel like your self-worth hinges on owning this shiny piece of plastic and calling it your own.

It doesn’t, but we feel like it does.

How about this for a thought – time is more valuable than money.

It’s true.

The ironic thing is, nothing can actually buy you time. It really comes down to how you live your life, the hacks you use to save time, and what you do with the time you manage to keep in your pocket.

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Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.

How to Buy Time

Let’s imagine that you usually take the bus to work. You regularly get stuck in traffic, meaning that the first hour or so of your day is spent in gridlock hell, surrounded by equally as annoyed commuters.

How can you change that situation and buy back some time?

Buy a bicycle – either new or second hand – and cycle to work. You save time, you get fit, and you do your bit for the environment.

In my case, I got an electric scooter, and I’m enjoying every single day!

Perhaps you’re tired when you get home from work and your partner wants to sit down and watch a movie with you, sharing your news from the day. However, you have to do the dishes and finish off the chores.


How can you buy back some time?

Invest in a dishwasher and get the kids to do some of the chores, perhaps paying them a little pocket money each week for their efforts.

You’re saving your legs, you’re spending time with your partner, you’re enjoying and making memories, and your kids are learning the importance of earning money and working on chores at home which will help them to become more independent.

Myth: You need to choose between either time or money, you can’t have both.
Fact: Money can actually buy time.

There are certain purchases you make which turn out to be the best that money can buy, simply because they give you extra time during the day. That time can then be focused on the things that are really important, such as time to yourself, time with your loved one, time doing the things you want to do, rather than the things you don’t enjoy but have to do.

Without a doubt, time is more valuable than money, but money can buy you back time also. It’s about making smart choices on how you spend your money and how you live your life.

What’s the best that money can buy?

Sit down and think about the things you do every day which eat away at your hours.

  • Housework?
  • Cooking?
  • Commuting?
  • Performing a certain work task in a certain way?

The list goes on.

Then, think about how you could buy back some of that time. For housework, you can delegate chores to your family members, taking some off the pressure away from your shoulders.

You can also look towards purchasing quality household appliances that cut down on the amount of time you spend doing housework or perhaps making cooking easier.

You can also plan your evening meals out on a Sunday or the week. Then, do your shopping online, order what you need, get it delivered, and you save time pondering what you’re going to make. If you want to take it a step further, you could even make meals ahead of time and freeze them. You’ll save at least an hour every single day.

Get time back blogging – Save time on recurrent tasks

how to buy time

If you are into blogging, I’m including below some of the tools that help me to save 20+ hours a week – that’s a lot of time!

  • Use Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins. I’ve calculated it and it saved me 14 hours a week.
  • Use Grammarly for proofreading. It does not only saves me time but headaches! My mother tongue is not English, and while I still struggle with grammar, I own to Grammarly a huge reduction in the number of typos and grammatical mistakes I made. Plus it’s free!
  • Use Canva to create pins. I’ve used many design tools for my pins but the best without a doubt it’s Canva. It’s so easy to create new pins with Canva because it’s a drag and drop tool, plus it’s very intuitive and user friendly. I even upgraded to the paid version, Canva Pro, which includes more templates, stock images, and branding options. But you actually don’t need to go for the paid version, the free version includes all the main features to create amazing pins.

If you not into blogging yet but are interested in how to get started, you can enroll in my free course below.


Get time back commuting

Commuting can be reduced by cycling, car sharing, perhaps even just taking a different route.

A couple of years ago I used to commute nearly two hours a day, to get that time back I used to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and online courses. If you do the same, you won’t believe how much you can learn using 2 hours a day! (that’s around 520 hours/year assuming you work 260 days/year which is the standard in the US).

Performing tasks can be reduced in time by thinking about how you actually do them – do you multitask and realize that you’re not actually getting anywhere? Do you procrastinate? Identify the habit that takes the longest time and change it.

Learning how to buy time is about making smart choices

This doesn’t mean buying the latest gadget just for the sake of it, but it does mean making choices that are cost-effective and allow you to buy back the time you’re wasting.

Then, make that time count!

This doesn’t mean going out and actually doing something, it can be just as useful to chill out at home with your partner, your kids, or your dog! Self-care time is just as important as time spent doing things, so don’t feel pressured!

Time allows you to feel more in control, to relax, to do the things you want to do, to make memories, and to dedicate time and effort to the relationships in your life. By looking at your life and working out how you can pinch back a little time here and there, you’ll be able to enhance your life far beyond measure.

Yes, in some cases you’ll need to spend cash, but it’s cash well spent. However, don’t assume this allows you to head out to the nearest gadget store and fall for the hard sell.

Marketing is clever and it’s going to try and convince you that this latest (very expensive) gadget is going to give you the life you’ve always wanted. That’s what marketing is designed to do, but you have the choice of whether you fall for it or not!

The best thing is to peruse, listen to the fact, go home, think about it, and work out whether or not it’s a good purchase. If you still believe that it is, find, go ahead and buy it. If your thought process was effective enough, you’ll find that you’ve got more time as a result.

In that case, it really was a good and sensible purchase.

Last words about why time is more valuable than money

Time is more important than money, but sometimes, in order to have more time we need to spend a little money, or perhaps cut back on our working hours and maybe even “lose” a little money.

At the end of the day, you can’t get back the time you’ve lost.

How much are you willing to pay for your time? Do you have any tips to share on how to get time back?

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