How to Simplify Your Life And Find Time to Blog More


how to simplify your life, save time online shopping, how to simplify your life with kids, how to simplify your life after 55, how to simplify your life and be happy, how to simplify your life and live sustainably, how to simplify your life and save moneyWe all live busy lives, and much of the time we’re running from one place to the next, trying to get the endless list of tasks we need to do, well and truly done. Do you manage it every single day? Probably not.

There are a million and one things which stop you from being productive during a day, and if you have a blog which you’re currently neglecting, you’re missing out on a chance to not only indulge yourself in something fun, but also in a way to make cash.

There are several ways to monetize a blog and whilst most of them will take a little time to come to fruition, it’s time well spent! Of course, in order to build a blog and grow your followers to the point where you can monetize it, you need to spend time on it. So, how do you manage the other things in your life, so you can free up some time to actually focus on your blog and build it up to something magical?

Let’s check out a few easy ways you can learn how to simplify your life, and therefore free up the time to sit in front of the laptop being creative with your blog!

How to Simplify Your Life And Be Happy in 13 Ways

That’s the forever question… how can I simplify my life? In this article, you’ll find some effective ways to make your life easier, and not only boost your productivity but your happiness.

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Declutter Your House and Declutter Your Mind

You’ve no doubt heard the saying of “tidy house, tidy mind” and that’s totally true on so many levels. This isn’t just about your house either; decluttering everything in your surroundings, be it your car, your wardrobe, your garage, your desk, will allow you to be more organized, find more time, and feel calmer.

Decluttering your life will help to declutter your mind because it helps you to focus far easier.

When you’re surrounded by clutter and junk it’s not exactly easy to concentrate and be creative, but when everything is streamlined, it’s far easier to sit down and focus on one thing – in this case, that’s your blog!

This advice is particularly important for the space where you do your blogging. If you have a laptop that means you can sit anywhere, but where do you normally go?

Is it your sofa? Your garden? Your bed?

That is the space you should think about first, but after that, go through the entire house and throw out, donate or sell the things you don’t need or want. Tidy up, move things around that don’t look right, and basically declutter everything, including your mind in the process.

Do a Little Exercise Every Day

How does this help you to simplify your life? Because it gives you more energy and allows you to be healthier in general! Make sure that you focus a little time on exercise and you’ll grab the results.

You could also schedule a bit of time to exercise before you plan to sit down and blog. This is particularly useful because the extra oxygen and blood which circulates around the body and up to the brain will allow you to focus more effectively and help you to be more creative.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Again, this one is about health and wellbeing, but you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, otherwise, you’re simply going to put your blogging off because you’re too tired and can’t be bothered!

It’s easy to get behind with chores and other things you need to do when you’re tired, so make sure that sleep is at the top of your priority list.

If you are regularly struggling with getting to sleep at night, staying asleep, or you’re constantly tired because you’re always waking up, check your sleeping environment. Make sure you avoid anything too stimulating before bed, and avoid eating anything in the last couple of hours before you’re planning on sleeping.

That should help you, but if not, you can have a chat with your doctor about what else you might be able to do.

Create a Goals-Based To-do List

A great way to learn how to simplify your life is to create a to-do list every single day. However, this is not just any old list of things to do, it needs to be a goals-based list. Rather than being rigid and saying “I must do x, y, and z” and putting pressure on yourself, have aims and goals.

So, have an aim to blog for an hour every single day (or more if you have the time) and do your best to hit that target. Anything else you need to do that day, such as paying the electric bill, picking up a birthday gift for a friend etc, write that down.

The more you tick off, the more in control you’ll feel, but it will also organize your time and create a simpler routine for you to follow.

Save Time Online Shopping For Groceries

Heading off to the grocery store to do a big shop can take a couple of hours at least, and taking it all to the car or carrying it home is nothing but stress. You’re also likely to walk around the store and browse, therefore risking spending more money and spending more time too. It’s a far better idea to do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered to your door.

You can usually set up regular grocery orders, e.g. a favorites list, so you don’t have to go through the whole online store every time you want something. This allows you to save time online shopping and stops you from browsing and spending cash on things that catch your eye.

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Stop Multi-Tasking Right Now!

You might think that multi-tasking is helping you to achieve more and you should, therefore, find the time to blog, but that’s not true. Multi-tasking is actually a way to create more chaos in your life, and that’s the total opposite of simplifying it!

So, do a task, tick it off ✔ do another, tick it off ✔

You’ll feel far more like you’re actually achieving something, your confidence will increase, you won’t feel overwhelmed and that’s a great foundation for creating more time so you can sit down and work on building and monetizing your blog.

Avoid Procrastination at All Costs!

One of the easiest ways to make yourself busier is to allow procrastination to be a huge part of your life. Procrastination is when you look at something you need to do and you decide to put it off because it’s either boring, you don’t like doing it, you’re not sure how to begin, or it seems like a huge mountain to climb. By doing that, you’re just complicating tomorrow.

The better option here is to break it down into smaller chunks. That way, you’ll get more done over time and you’ll make steady progress. If you continue to procrastinate on a regular basis you’re just clogging up your mind and complicating everything. You won’t want to blog when you feel that way.

Set up Automatic Payments For Bills

Trying to remember all the bills you need to pay can be distracting and it’s easy to forget something or fall behind. In that case, set up automatic payments to leave your bank on the days when they need to be paid. You don’t need to remember, everything is easier, and you’re not going to accidentally miss a payment and become stressed about it.

Organizing your personal finances is a great way to learn how to simplify your life and save money because you can budget, make sure everything is paid and basically, it’s just a lot easier overall!

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How To Simplify Your Life With Kids – Delegate The Chores

Do you have housework that needs doing or the car needs cleaning? Is the garden looking like it needs a little attention?

These are all chores which take up a lot of time and eat into the amount of time you can spend blogging and building up your new online business. So, why not delegate?

If you’re trying to learn how to simplify your life with kids, that could mean asking your kids to do some of the chores, if they’re old enough, and perhaps giving them a little pocket money for their trouble.

You don’t have to do everything yourself, so share out the responsibility, half your workload and simplify your life! The time you save could easily be spent on a little blogging time, alongside some relaxation too, of course!

Plan Meals Ahead of Time

How much time do you spend every day trying to figure out what to eat? It sounds ridiculous but it’s probably far more than you think!

A good way to simplify your life and therefore free up time to spend blogging is to plan out what you’re going to make for dinner for the week ahead. Then, do the shopping you need to do (online to save time) and do a little prep the night before if you need to.

Meals sorted, less stress, less time wasted, and an easier life in general!

If you feel like struggling to create a menu, you can try the $5 Meal Plan. The $5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal plan service that can make your meal planning as simple as possible. For just $5 a month, they will send you a delicious meal plan where every meal will cost about $2 per person, and in most cases less. This will save you money, time and stress.

You can try the 14-Day trial of the $5 meal plan here.

Keep a Notebook With You at All Times

Ideas for blogs can come to you at any time and you’re going to be battling with your own memory if you’re trying to remember them all. Keep a notebook with you at all times and you can scribble any musings down and look at them when you sit down to do your blogging.

You could use your phone, but this isn’t the greatest idea if you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. If you open your phone, you’re just going to sit there scrolling through social media and that’s not going to help you sleep! A notebook is a far easier way and it will allow you to remember any quick idea that comes to your mind.

If you are like me and most of the ideas are coming when you’re at the shower, you’ll love this waterproof notepad for your shower.

Make Your Blog a Priority

By simplifying your life, you will have far more time to blog but you’ll also have a clearer mind. Writing of any kind isn’t easy when you’re trying to remember a million and one things you need to do, you’re surrounded by mess and clutter, and you’re stressed out about the chores that are building up too.

The tips we’ve given you above will help you to streamline your life, create more time, allowing you to be happier and have more energy at the same time. This is a far better picture for regular and effective blogging.

You also need to make sure that you place a priority on your blogging efforts. Set aside a couple of hours a day for blogging, and if you feel like doing more on a particular day, that’s fine, just carry on – I normally do it at night when our daughter goes to sleep.

By having this time slot set aside, you know you’re actually going to do it and then you can work towards building up your blog and perhaps monetizing it in the near future.

There are many ways you can make a decent income from your blog. Whilst it can take time, if you make your blog a priority in your life, whilst also finding joy within it too, you’ll be able to reach that point far faster.

Are you struggling to find time for your blog? Are you trying to simplify your life? What are you doing to make that change?

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