16 Ways To Make Your Life Easier in 2020


make your life easier in 2017Life can be a chaos, that’s why learning how to make your life easier is important.

Taking control over your life can become a challenge while paying your student loan, saving money for a house, travelling around the word and paying bills. What about if you try to make things a bit easier?

We are already in 2020, and as every year, starting with positive energy will help you being motivated and give the best out of you. I don’t know about you, but for me, simplifying things makes me more productive and being in a good mood.

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If you take control over your life you will be happier and will be one step closer to reaching your goals.

There are many distractions that make you think you are busy, but in fact, do you really need to do all of those “tasks” in your life? Simple living means that you get rid of all the extra noise in your life, so you can start having more time for the stuff you love.

This list I’ve created may help you make your life easier. You don’t need to do everything on the list, some points will fit better for you than others. Just think about those things you love and enjoy and try to get rid of all the noise that is between you and your happiness.

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How to make your life easier in easy steps.

1. Take time to think what you want

I should apply this to myself too. I’m guilty of working too hard and not stopping to think what I really want.

At least once a month you should stop and think about what you really want to do/achieve in the coming days. This will allow you to do things correctly, prioritise and have more fun. You will make your life easier by getting rid of unnecessary things.

2. Create standing orders to simplify your life

You can automate your bills and payments. Also, you can auto-pay your credit card bills, mortgage, school loan, etc. All the banks have this feature through the online portal.

I already have 13 standing orders. Some examples are:

  • House rent.
  • Water and electricity bill.
  • Pocket money for my wife and me.
  • Savings in different accounts.

I even automate monthly savings for car insurance (which I pay yearly because is cheaper), the monthly budget for trips and blog expenses.

Everything you can think of that is repeated month after month can be automated.

3. Watch less TV / Movies

Watching TV is fun and is easy. On average, a person watches TV over 30 hours per week! (Probably me too).

You don’t need to quit watching TV, but using half of that time you can do many things every week. What about learning a new language? Create DIY thigs? Or perhaps start your own blog?

By watching less TV, you’ll make your life easier.

4. Quit smoking to make your life easier

That’s a difficult one right? I used to smoke when I was at uni. Sometimes it became very stressful to find the right time to go for a cigarette.

After I quit smoking I simplified my life and I started feeling free again.

Quit smoking is definitely one of the game changing, though one of the most difficult.


5. Put away unnecessary house decoration

Every time we clean the house, we spend a lot of time cleaning the dust of every furniture in the house.

If you have clear surfaces, you will do this task very easily, but if you have frames and flower vases all over the house it will take some more time.

Another solution is paying somebody to clean your house weekly.

6. Pay your debt to make your life easier

Student loan debt, mortgage, credit card… whatever! Paying off your debts will allow you manage your personal finances easier as you will save more money and you will spend less time on figuring out how to pay your debts.

Debt is one of the 7 more common reasons of stress in America, and by getting rid of it, you’ll make your life easier.

Note: I strongly recommend that you check out Personal Capital if you are interested in simplifying and taking control of your finances. Personal Capital allows you to manage all your financial accounts from one dashboard. You can connect all your accounts together (mortgage, retirement account, credit card account, investment account, etc). The best thing is that is completely FREE!

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7. Don’t overthink your mistakes

You waste your time when you overthink your mistakes. Instead, use that energy for things that really matter.

Overthinking mistakes will give you negative energy and you will be unproductive. Stop it! You are better than that. Clear your mind and start doing things you love and enjoy.

8. Organise your life

By placing things where they are supposed to be you’ll always find where things are and you’ll make your life easier. Being unorganised leads to stress, lost things, buying things you don’t need because you can’t find them in your house…

I’m not talking only about physical things, but also your bills, letters, contacts, files in the computer. Here is a list of things you can organise:

  • Bills and bank statement.
  • Clothes: just keep what you really need/use.
  • Files in your laptop.
  • Study certificates and important documents.
  • Your fridge/freezer.
  • Books: give away those you are not going to read anymore.

Having everything in place will make you more productive and you’ll have a positive feeling about your life.

9. Create mind maps to simplify your life

Mind mapping is one of the best ways to capture your thoughts and bring them to life in visual form. Creating mind maps can help you become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more efficiently.

I just started using a mind map App that my wife recommended me, Mindly, and I must say is great, plus is FREE.

Creating mind maps will allow you to know how to achieve your goals and as a result, your life will become much easier.

10. Use Dropbox / Google Drive

With Dropbox / Google Drive you’ll be able to access all your files from wherever you are. I personally use Dropbox but I’ve heard Drive is very good too.

At the beginning, I was using the free 3GB that they give to you. After using for a couple of months, I decided to go bigger. Now I’m getting 1TB and it’s great. Since I don’t have only 1 workspace and I use multiple laptops, having everything on the cloud makes my life much easier.

No more copy and paste into USB sticks, attachment to emails, etc. with Dropbox you’ll have all your files always synchronised.

11. Keep Only What You Really Need

I’m not the best person to share this tip, but you should keep only what you really need. Those trousers from when you were a teenager or the old vacuum cleaner will only use storage space.

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough space to keep all the stuff you own? Don’t rent a storage unit, get rid of some stuff.

We live with the “just in case” feeling. I keep these old trousers “just in case” I lose weight, the and vacuum cleaner “just in case” the new one just breaks, etc.

The average adult person stores a 37% of things he is not going to use in the next 5 years. How much is your %?

12. Delegate Responsibilities

Many people have the feeling that things need to be done on their only way, but that’s far from the truth. Of course, nobody cleans the house like you but by hiring a cleaner, you’ll save a lot of time and will have time to do things you enjoy.

Delegate responsibilities don’t always mean paying money, you can delegate things in work colleagues, family or even tools.

For example, I delegate my pin schedule to Tailwind, which is a tool to auto Pin on Pinterest. Now I don’t need to be pinning every day, Tailwind does it for me.

As an experiment, have a look at your to-do list (or make one). Go through the list and find at least one taks you can delegate to someone else. Now, enjoy the feeling and decrease your stress.

Delegate responsibilities also mean “opportunity” for the person doing the work. You have the work done, and the delegated have a chance to prove how values he is.

13. Create reminders in your phone’s calendar

How often do you forget things just because you didn’t write it down? Let’s be honest, you are a busy person, and if you place reminders in your calendar you won’t forget anything.

It only takes 30 seconds to place a reminder and this can save you many headaches. You won’t suffer any more problems related to late payments and bills.

Some of the typical reminders you can create:

  • Work tasks.
  • Family birthdays.
  • Insurance renewals.
  • Trips and flights (yes, if you travel a lot, this is the best!)

Every time I create a reminder on my calendar I can feel less and less stress because I know I won’t miss that event.

14. Start a blog

Starting a blog will not directly make your life easier, but it will make your life brighter!

There are many examples of successful bloggers who quit their jobs. Isn’t this making your life easier?

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15. Break Out Your Comfort Zone

There are many fears in people’s lives, but one of the most common ones is to step out the comfort zone.

Humans are beings who by nature prefer the comfort of what they already know. That’s why we tend to keep doing the same things day after day.

Whenever a new unexpected situation pop-ups in life, we stress, because this is something we’ve never dealt with.

By breaking out your comfort zone, you’ll be ready for those unexpected situations because they will be already in your comfort zone.

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16. Take a breath and make your life easier

When was the last time you just took a minute for you in silence? Take a breath, close your eyes and relax. You can do this while you take a bath.

Sitting silently and without distractions can help you reflect on your life, you will see things more clear. This also helps with stress.

Do you want to make your life easier? What else do you do in your life to make it easier?

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  • Get a part-time job for extra money. There are many jobs that you can do as part-time. You can find jobs on sites such as Snagajob, Monster or Craiglist.

I really hope you liked this post on how to make your life easier. Have fun!


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