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Blogging tips, how to start a blog, blog writing, schedule blog post, email listOne of the best things about making a full-time income from your blog is that you are your own boss. You can decide how to spend your time and take as many holidays as you want. Plus, if you blog the right way, you’ll be able to make money while traveling (blogging can be a great semi-passive income stream).

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Since I started my blog, my wife and I travel more often. In fact, I’m writing this article on the plane flying to the tropical Canary Islands!

Now, if you already have a blog, this article is for you. However, if you didn’t start your own blog yet, I recommend you taking my free 5-days course Start a Money Making Blog.

Time ago, when I first started blogging, traveling was somehow stressful and difficult to deal with, mainly because it messed up all my blogging schedule. I usually post two new articles every week, pin a few times on Pinterest every day, send emails to my subscribers… so many things!!

You’ll be wondering, how do I deal with all these tasks? Well, it wasn’t easy at the beginning, but now I have my own system, and, in fact, it’s much easier than it looks like.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the things I do to deal with my blog while traveling. I hope you can apply some of these strategies for your blog too.

1. Write content in advance

I always like to write articles in advance, as a general rule. However, if I go on a long trip, I want to have all the content that I want to publish for the duration of the trip. When I’m traveling I want to focus on having a great time full of experiences, so I don’t want to feel stress over publishing articles.

Once your articles are written, schedule them from your WordPress and they will be published the day you want. It’s that easy!

On some trips, when we take long flights, I also write on the plane (like right now). I really like it, not only because I have things done, but because the time flies and the journey feels much shorter. I only need my laptop, headphones and good music (you don’t really need internet for writing!).

2. Schedule your Pinterest pins using Tailwind

Pinterest is my main source of traffic and every month I receive thousands of visits from there. My followers are expecting new pins every day and I can’t stop pinning for one or two weeks.

My Pinterest strategy uses a combination of manual pinning (using Carly’s strategy) and Tailwind. However, when I am going on holidays, I don’t want to be attached to my phone checking Pinterest every hour.

What I do is to fully rely on Tailwind during my holidays and it works like a charm. I create my pinning schedule for the duration of the trip and I don’t need to worry about it during the holidays. Problem solved!

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3. Answer emails on the morning before the day kicks in

I’m addicted to emails, I can’t hide it. I always try to reply to emails within 24 hours.

During holidays, what I do is to wake up 30 minutes before my wife. During this time, I grab a coffee (double expresso please) and I start answering emails (starting with the most important ones). If something is not urgent or can be left for a few days later, I tag the email and deal with it when I’m back home after the trip.

I also answer blog comments, but this is less often (at least once every two to three days when I’m not at home).

One of the reasons why I like to reply to emails every day (even when I’m on holiday) is because I don’t want to miss opportunities that may require my answer within the first day. Plus, I also receive many emails from my subscribers and I love reading them, it’s so motivating!

4. Schedule your emails with ConvertKit

A few months ago, I realized how important is to have an email list. Since then, I put a special focus on building my email list and sending emails to my subscribers.

When a new person subscribes to my blog and depending on what optin was used for the signup, this subscriber is added to a sequence of emails related to the topic of the optin. For example, if you subscribe to my optin that gives you my free Budget Worksheet, during the next few days you’ll receive emails about budgeting and personal finance.

However, I also send emails to my email list when a new article is published on my blog or when I want to share something important with my readers.

I usually send two emails every week, so my subscribers are already used to it and they are expecting them. If I go on holiday for 15 days and they don’t receive any emails during that time, some of them will be disappointed (trust me, it happened before and I even received soft complaints from subscribers that were expecting my emails).

How do I solve it? I schedule my weekly emails. I use ConvertKit to schedule my emails, which in my belief is the best email marketing tool on the market. However, if you are starting out and don’t have a budget for it, there are plenty of email marketing tools that are free and allow you to schedule your emails.

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5. Schedule your Facebook posts

Everything is about scheduling when I go on holiday! Yes, I do it too with my Facebook posts. Facebook allows you to schedule as many posts as you want completely for free!

If you go on a trip, don’t forget you try it.

As you can see, dealing with your blog while traveling is much easier than it looks like. By using the tips above, my wife (she is a blogger too) and I can go on a vacation as often as we want without feeling stressed about our blogs.

I believe that traveling and blogging complement each other very well. Blogging is very flexible which is great for when you’re traveling.

Plus, if your blog is making you money, you can spend some of the income on trips (that’s what we do). Blogging helps us traveling more often than before and to better places. Our future goal is to travel 100% of the time while we work on our blogs.

If you plan to start a blog, you can start for as low as $3/month, follow my step by step guide on how to do it!

Do you already have a blog? How do you deal with it when you travel? Would you add anything to the list?

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