Google AdSense vs Monumetric: Which One Is Better?



FREE / $99





User interface


Easy to use


Ads Quality


The Good Stuff

  • It's completely free if you have more than 80,000 page views per month
  • You don't need to manage the ads, you have a whole team working in optimising your revenue
  • 24/7 support. You have your own agent.
  • The more traffic you have, the more features you can have
  • Mobile optimised ads.

The Bad Stuff

  • It takes a couple of weeks to be approved
  • Payment takes 60 days
  • It costs $99 setup fee if you have less than 80,000 page views per month

Since my last income report, many people has asked me about Monumetric. The truth is that since I found Monumetric, I’ve been in love with it.

When I changed from Google Adsense to Monumetric, my income increases in a 300%. Yes, that means I started earning three times more from Monumetric than from AdSense.

Today I’m doing a comparison between the well known Google AdSense and Monumetric. I’ve been using both for quite a while and I will show you my case study.

It is an absolutely fantastic ad network that I use every single month and I will keep using.

What Is Monumetric?

Monumetric is a high-performance ad network which pays you depending on the number of ad impressions instead of per clicks (PPV or pay per view).

The cool thing about Monumetric is that you generate revenue even if you don’t receive any click.


Monumetric displays video ads, native ads, rich media ads and mobile ads (Flight). They treat directly with advertisers, that’s why they have such as competitive rates.

The PPV (pay per view) system works well with any website because you will earn money just from the ads displaying. Clicks on the ad are not necessary.

Monumetric ios totally independent from AdSense, so from those who have been banned by AdSense, now you have a second change to singup with one of the best ad networks.

Monumetric pays per ad view (PPV). Clicks on the ads are not needed.

What I like about PPV ads is that they are just perfect for monetising sites that don’t receive many clicks or earn much money. Sites with many page views and low earnings are the best ones to get the maximum performance from Monumetric.

What You Will Learn

  • Differences Between Google AdSense And Monumetric.
  • Case Study: AdSense vs. Monumetric.
  • How To Sign Up For Monumetric And Get Approved
  • BONUS: Get A Free Monumetric Setup (Only For Limited Time)

monumetric review

Differences Between Google AdSense And Monumetric

Google AdSense is a pay per click (PPC) ad network powered by Google and using AdWords as the source of advertisers.

Monumetric is a pay per view (PPV) ad network. They manage their own advertisers and they keep a relationship person to person with them.

With AdSense you manage your own ads, Monumetric can manage your ads for you (if you want).

With AdSense you earn per click, whereas with Monumetric you earn per ad impression.

Using Adsense you don’t earn money with each page view, but with Monumetric you are generating earning every time you receive a visit.

Case Study: AdSense vs. Monumetric

When I created my first website, nearly 2 years ago, I used Google AdSense for quite a long time. I didn’t know much back then about ad networks, so I just joined the most famous one and (supposed to be) easiest to be accepted.

I was lucky and I got my Adsense account approved on my first try. Perhaps because I tried hard to follow all the AdSense guidelines.

If you want to know how to start with Google Adsense and get your account approved, visit this link.

This is how I earned my first dollar, and it felt great! After some time I started earning some more money and I got my first $100 payment! šŸ™‚


It was by that time when I started to look at my AdSense metrics in order to increase my revenue. I got focused on increasing my AdSense CPC (money you get every time a person click any ad).

During my first few months, my CPC was incredibly low, at around $0.05, but after some research and actions taken I improved up to $0.25 to $0.30. It was a great improvement.

With all these improvements, which you can read on my post, I managed to increase my RPM (revenue per thousand page views) up to $1.43. Not bad, right?

The Big Change: How I Opened My Eyes

Getting an RPM of $1.43 is considered to be a good ad optimisation. But I wasn’t completely happy, I knew it was something else I could do.

One day, when searching on the internet, I found this ad network, Monumetric. In fact, its old name was The Blogger Network. I read some reviews and I analysed some income reports from other people using Monumetric.

I was shocked by the metrics and the earnings. It seemed too good to be real, but at the same time… perhaps it was what I was looking for?

I’m a person who prefers regretting of doing something, than of not doing it, so I tried it.

I sent my application to Monumetric and in a couple of weeks I got an email from them, they wanted me to join Monumetric!

They were in charge of the setup and the ad position and optimisation. When everything was ready, they asked me if I was happy with the ad position and I agreed.

Since I sent my application until I got my ads running on my site it took nearly 2 months. I remember the waiting time, I really wanted to see some results!

When finally I got the ads on the website I felt such a relief.

Monumetric Crushing The Numbers

My first month with Monumetric was crazy, I almost tripled my income by doing nothing extra. The performance of the ads was unbelievable.

You can see it for yourself in the image below.

change from adsense to monumetric

Within one month I started earning three times more money. The good thing is that some of the Adsense ads were still running and I could generate some extra residual income.

Another good thing about Monumetric is that you will have your own agent. A dedicated person just working on optimising your ad revenue.

Why do they do that? Because the more you earn, the more they earn too. So they are as interested as you in making money. Since I started my ads performance has been increasing month after month.

increase revenue monumetric

I am sure that in the coming months my ad revenue will continue improving as they are still working on the optimisation.

Another thing I want to show you is the RPM change.

Do you remember when I said that after optimising my AdSense I got an RPM of $1.43? Well, now my RPM with Monumetric is five times higher.

The image below shows an example of a day with an RPM (revenue per thousand views) of $7.23

monumetric revenue per thousand views

It seems clear that Monumetric surpasses AdSense in all aspects. The only negative aspect is that you need 10,000 pageviews per month in order to get qualified for their program.

Other than that I can say they are the best ad network I’ve ever tried.

How To Sign Up For Monumetric And Get Approved

Start with Monumetric is very easy and it will take less than 5 minutes sending your application.

I will divide it in steps to guide you through the process but I’m sure you can also do it by yourself, it’s so easy!

Step 1. Go to Monumetric website. You will land on a website like in the image below.

monumetric landing page

Step 2. Select the program which best fit with your monthly page views. You will get more features and bonuses if you have more page views. Then click the “Join” button.

programs monumetric

Step 3. Fill in the form with your website data.

monumetric application form

And… voala! You are in! In 24 to 48 hours you will receive an email from Monumetric telling you that you have been accepted in their program and they will proceed with the implementation.

You will get you own advisor (a real person) who will help you with anything you want.

BONUS: Get A Free Monumetric Setup (Limited Time)

If you have more than 80,000 page views per month, you can get a free Monumetric setup ($0.00) by using the link below.

Free Monumetric Setup ($0.00) for sites with 80k page views

My recommendation for you is to be fast because I’m not sure how long this promotion will be available.

And well, that’s everything I wanted to show you today.


Monumetric outperforms Adsense in all aspects. If you are already using AdSense, you might want to give it a try. In my case, I increased my revenue by 327% just my changing to Monumetric.

And you, what ad network are you using? Are you already a member of Monumetric? Drop me a line in the comment box and I’ll answer you! šŸ™‚

>>> Click here to sign up to Monumetric

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  1. First time I heard about monumetric.. Using Adsense from a while.. But earnings are very low.. Currently I don’t have 80k P.V per month.. I’l try monumetric If I reach that no.. Anyways good & detailed article.. Keep up the good work.. As I can see your income is growing day by day.. Soon you will reach 1k $ per month..

    • Hey, thank you for your comment.

      If you have the chance to try them you will not regret, if your page views are between 10k and 80k, then the setup fee will be $99. But perhaps you wanna wait til then…

      Good luck with your blog =)

    • Hi Dani!

      In order to be accepted at the moment they only work with English websites. However, they are planning to expand to other languages.


    • Thank you for your comment!

      As long as you set up long term and short term goals and work hard to reach them you will be successful.

      Something a little bit more practical is to start focusing on creating an email list as soon as possible.


  2. Very Informative stuff indeed!

    Hey, I’m a regular reader of your blog and after reading this post, I applied for Monumetric. Thankfully, I was approved at the start of this month. In a couple of days, I formed ad strategy with the Monumetric team. They said they have started the process for my website and will install ads when the tags are ready.

    Now, it’s been more than two weeks, but I haven’t heard from them. I sent them an email asking about the update but haven’t received a reply yet.

    Can you please let me know how long do they take to install ads on your site after the ad strategy is made? Also, what payment methods do they offer and their payout terms? Their site states that they pay 2 times a month. Do they?


    • Hi Jibran, thank you for your comment.

      It’s great news that you have been approved with Monumetric.

      In my case, it took around 3 weeks (I remember I was very impatient to see the results, it felt like an endless time). After that time all the tags were implemented (by them) so I didn’t do any configuration.

      They display a maximum of 5 banners, generally one in the header and the rest combined in sidebar and content, but you can select later where do you want to have them.

      The reason why it’s taking time is because your site has been approved by Monumetric, but then, advertisers need to approve it as well (don’t worry, they always do, but the procedure it takes time). Once you are fully approved, the ads will appear automatically.

      These last few days I think they have been a bit busy because I’m waiting for an email answer too, but in general, it does take always less than 24 hours to answer. Then, I can give you a couple of emails of some of the managers at Monumetric so if the staff takes any time to answer, they will be reminded them, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to tell you.

      I receive payments using Paypal, they just need my email address associated with Paypal and I receive payments every 15 days.

      So, for example, today is 17 January, my next time is on the 25 January and it contains money earned during November and December. Then the following payment is on the 6 February…. and so on. As for today, I have payments scheduled until the 20 April.

      They always pay on time and it hardly ever have any problems.

      I hope this helps. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for showing the side by side. My site is very new but have been thinking about how to start monetizing once I build some traffic. I had only heard of AdSense so now I have another good option to consider!

    • Hi Chelsea!

      AdSense is the easiest option for when you are starting and it’s all right if you are not getting a lot of traffic (you can make a couple of dollars a day).

      Monumetric is also a good option, but if your traffic is very low, they will ask you to wait for some time until you reach at least 10k a month or 80k to get it for free.


    • 300,000 page views should give you a good profit with Monumetric. If you finally decide to try it out, comment and share your experience with us.

  4. MY question is that does it depend on the traffic from a certain region? Do they give a better RPM if the traffic is from US, UK and Canada?
    What if most of these the trafic is from India or other Asian countries. Do they pay less?
    I have Adsense which hardly gathers a dollar a day. The other is Yahoo contextual ads, they pay RPM basis and depending on region specific traffic.

    • Hetal, the RPM will depend on where the traffic is coming from (as most of the ads programs).
      US, UK, Canada and Australia are the best performing globally. However, traffic from Asia may pay less, if your traffic is big, you’ll get paid a lot.
      Recently I joined Mediavine, which is great too. I’m getting an RPM of $20.

  5. Hello Francisco,

    Thanks for the informative article. I applied with Monumetric about three weeks ago and went live with them a week ago. The process took two weeks as expected. It’s too early to see the amount of revenue the ads through Monumetric will generate. Currently my blog is getting about 3300 hits a day so I did not have to pay the $99 sign up fee. I like that you have a dedicated account manager with Monumetric to answer questions.

    • Hi DeNay, please share results after a couple of months to see how your Monumetric is doing compared to your previous ad network. I’m curious already!

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