How to start with Google Adsense


Always it’s hard to start. That is why I created this mini-guide to starting with Google Adsense. Register and be accepted will be quite easy if you follow these 3 simple steps.

create google adsense

Step 1: Registration

In order to register with Google Adsense, previously you need to have a Gmail account, thus an email. If you don’t have it you can create it at:

Once you finish completing your details and you have ready your Gmail account, you should go to Log in to your Gmail account and fill in the form with the details of your blog or website (when logged with Gmail).

start google adsense

Step 2: Create ad Units

Once registered with your details and website/blog, you can add new ads with Google Adsense. Just simply go to My ads > New ad unit

create unit adsense

Step 3: Place ads in your Blog

Choose the ad which better fit to your needs. I recommend using responsive ads because they adjust themselves to phones and tablets. However in some cases you might prefer specific sizes because they fit better in determined gaps.

get adsense approved

It’s recommended to use ads in the following places:

  • Header: however this one can be a bit intrusive
  • Content: one at the beginning, other in the middle and the last by the end.

Remember that the maximum number of ads allowed by Adsense is limited to 3. Adding more than 3 advertisements can lead to penalties or even suspension of the account.

NEW! Now Adsense does not have any ads limit, you can add as many as you want. Make sure you don’t add too many as your website will look spammy. Also, be aware that ads displayed at the beginning of the page pay better as they are the first ones to fill the ad slots.

If everything is correct, don’t worry. In 1 to 7 days Google will contact you to confirm that your account is active. Once accepted, you can choose the ads you prefer. The payment threshold is $100, €70 or £60, depending on where you live, and it can be done either by check or bank transfer.

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  1. Google Adsense disapproved my request. Francisco, how can I make Adsense approve my site?
    Since I am a new blogger I am experiencing this little problem, please guide me.

    • Google Adsense can be sometimes tricky in order to be accepted but their guidelines are quite straightforward, make sure you meet all of them:

      1. You need a website in order to be accepted.
      2. You need to be at least 18 years old.
      3. Your site needs to comply with Adsense programme policies.
      4. Your site has been active for at least 6 months.

      Also, you need to have some content, like 5 to 10 posts should be enough.

      If you still struggle with it, perhaps you want to share your site and rejection reason given by Adsense.

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