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Blog Income Report, Blogging, Online Business, Traffic and Income Report, Make Money Blogging, Make Money Online, Grow Your BlogSince October 2015, every month I publish a detailed report with all the accounts for my online businesses. On them I include the earnings and expenses, I tell a little bit about my personal experience and what new things I have been trying during this period of time. I explain as well what my future targets are and if the previous ones have been achieved or not. Why doing this?

  1. It helps me to keep track of my personal finances. In any moment of time, I can look back at my reports and see what steps and results I got from determined strategies, like a log book.
  2. Increase trusting. I also want to show you that I am a real person starting from the first step. There are many amazing bloggers out there reporting their incomes of thousands of dollars, but I found very little bloggers reporting low amounts of money like me. I think this can help to starters and to people who are not decided yet to start their own online business.
  3. Motivation. Writing here my results will put me on that kind of uncomfortable position in which I need to demonstrate that I can go one step further instead of getting lazy and rely on excuses. My finances are open to everybody!

I know that every month I say the same, but it’s the truth. All earnings here reported are coming from Passive Income sources. I am not including any kind of outsourcing because the intention is you show you how far I can go with only passive income sources.

This is my 20th month reporting my accounts and I simply love it! I can’t believe I started blogging more than one year ago, it just feel great =)

You can have a look to some of my previous monthly income reports:


I’m writing this income report with some delay (it’s the middle of June!) and I will not include many “things going on” in May, but at least I’ll mention them.

1. Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden

This month I started my own indoor vegetable garden. Not only because it will save some money in fresh vegetables, but also because it’s more healthy eating your own crop (you avoid chemicals).

In the past, I’ve done this in my previous house back garden with great results. Now we’re living in a flat and we don’t have a garden anymore so I decided to do it in a self next to a south facing window.

If you plan to start an indoor vegetable garden you want to have your plants near a window facing south. This is because they will receive a lot of more sun (which is essential) than if they are facing any other directions.

This year I’ve seeded lettuce, tomato, aubergine, chilli peppers, spinach, rocket, coriander, parsley, mint, sage, chives, swiss chard and a few more things.

It’s so entertaining to see my baby plants growing day after day!

indoor vegetable garden, how to grow vegetables, garden at home, how to grow hydroponics

In this image, you can see the set up I’ve made, however, plants are now much bigger! In the top picture are some chilli peppers in the front and tomato and basil in the back. You can also see a shy spinach in the middle.

The bottom left picture is rocket leaves and the last picture is a mix of other vegetables.


And now… let’s start with the interesting part. I know you are here to check out my numbers 🙂


Paid surveys: $612.98     Read my post 7 Free Online Survey Sites To Join For Extra Cash

  • Previous Month: $646.30
  • Difference: – $33.32

The websites I use to generate this income are American Consumer Opinion, Swagbucks, Vindale Research, Survey Downline, Earning Station and Qmee.

Google Adsense (from niche site 1): $56.94

  • Previous Month: $68.57
  • Difference: – $11.63

Monumetric Ads (from niche site 1): $53.29        Start with Monumetric for free if you have more than 80k pageviews

  • Previous Month: $42.31
  • Difference: $10.98

PadSquad mobile ads (from niche sites 1 & 2): $29.23

  • Previous Month: $34.60
  • Difference: – $5.37

Other Income:


Last year I needed an upgrade for the host of my Niche Site 1. Before I was using a shared hosting with a limitation of 150 GB of transfer data, now I have my own VPS in where I have up to 5,000 GB and I can host an unlimited number of domains. 

  • VPS (Host Niche Site 1): $64.00
  • Other Expenses: $0.00

The initial investment for the hosting and domain name (for PIW) was done in October and this one is already running for free.

Net Total Balance: $959.69 $64.50 = $895.19

  • Previous month: $768.98
  • Difference: + $126.21 (+16.41%)

May has been the best month so far since I started (in both, total income and balance). It seems that my blog is jumping to the “next level”, if I can keep income above $800/month and keep expenses low, it will be amazing! I’ve been hovering on these amount for three months already.

Be aware that I put a 30% aside to pay taxes and the money that goes to my savings is less than the reported above.

This is my 20th month reporting my accounts and it seems to keep growing little by little which make me so happy. Obviously, it’s nothing to compare with other famous bloggers, but for a starter like me, it’s considered an important milestone. I am having nearly $900 profit and this is something I’ve never expected to happen.

Imagine what would you do with an extra $895 extra per month?

The graph below shows my income and expenses since I started with my Niche Site 1 in February 2015. It seems incredible that I’ve been on this for more than two years!

income progress may

The graph below shows the balance or profit which is calculated as:

Balance = Income Expenses

income balance may

March is the 9th month I am donating a part of my income to children with health issues and learning disabilities.

Since September, every month I’m sharing how much money Passive Income Wise is giving to help these families.

Income Donated This Month: 10%($895.19) = $89.51

Total Income Donated Accumulated = $573.67

Nice! One step closer to build a school in China!


This month I don’t report traffic and metrics (I’m so tight with my schedule and I need to do small sacrifices, this section is one of them). But I promise that in JuneI will report it back.


I  only report social media related with PIW.

Twitter. If you don’t want to miss any of my new tweets follow Passive Income Wise on Twitter

  • Followers:  18,784

Pinterest. Check out my new Pins by following Passive Income Wise on Pinterest

  • Followers: 3,447 (+148)

Email List.

  • Subscriptions: 670 (+63)

That’s everything for this past May. I wanted to publish also my targets for the next month, but you know what? I keep it for myself for now. If for a couple of months I see that I achieve them I will share here with you 🙂

Did you like my May Income Report? Are you interested in earning income online?

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This post contains affiliate links. These products have helped me to grow my blog and to generate more passive income.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! And keep it up! You are doing well. I also want to earn online but owing to my circumstances I have opted on creating an information product. Am drafting it now.

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