How to Make $1000 A Month In Your Free Time


how to make 1000 dollars in a month, ways to save money, make extra money, best survey sites, money making surveys, make money online, paid surveys, surveys for cashWhether you are looking for some extra money or as a regular income, there are many opportunities to make a steady $1,000 a month online and in your free time.

In this post, I’ve included a list of websites that are becoming pretty popular among people who spend a lot of time at home. This sites pay you (some of them very well) and are completely legitimate (I’ve used them myself).

I must say that you won’t become rich, but making an extra $1,000 a month can be an amazing help to pay your bills, loans or support your family.

During my free time, I like to do surveys because is an easy way of making some extra cash. They’re the best for when you’re watching the TV or traveling in the bus/train. I usually take the ones that take less time.

My recommendation for you is to sign up for all the FREE online survey sites below so you can receive new surveys every day.

Make sure you always confirm your registrations via the confirmation sent to your email.


Vindale Research (I earn $150-$200/month, $2.00 signup bonus)

Vindale is one of my favorite online survey companies. You can earn a good extra money every month just by doing a couple of these surveys a week.

They are one of the best survey companies considering the payout and time spent. The best thing is that before taking any survey you’ll be able to see how much will they pay and the time to complete.

I only do the ones which pay between $2 to $20.

Potential earnings: $200

You can join Vindale Research here.

Swagbucks (my favorite)

Swagbucks helps me earning gift cards which I can use at Amazon, and it’s very easy. You can also claim your points as a cash check.

They give you points for taking surveys, watching videos, using it as a search engine (just like Google), online shopping and trying new promotional products.

Then you can redeem these points for gift cards. I already redeemed 3 Amazon gift cards for $50 and it feels great.

Potential earnings: $100

You can join Swagbucks here.

OneOpinion (available in US, UK and CA)

With OneOpinion you get points every time you complete a survey. Then, this points can be traded in for rewards (I always choose the $25 virtual Visa Debit Card).

If you prefer cash, OneOpinion has now added the option of having your rewards delivered directly to your PayPal account which I think I’m gonna try next time I accumulate 25,000 points.

Potential earnings: $180

You can join OneOpinion here. Must be 13+

PineCone Research (guaranteed $3/survey)

PineCone Reseach has become one of my favourite survey sites. They have a minimum payment of $3 per survey, which is one of the best payouts in the market.

The best is that you don’t get disqualified from surveys. Plus you can manage your time efficiently knowing that you get pay always $3 or more every time you receive a survey.

Every time I do one of PineCone’s surveys, it takes no more than 15 minutes (great for when I’m commuting).

Potential earnings: $140

You can join PineCone Research here.


InboxDollars (you’ll get a $5.00 sign up bonus)

InboxDollars is one of my most used survey sites and I strongly recommend it. You can be rewarded for watching tv, taking surveys, or making purchases online. Plus, you’ll get a free $5 signup bonus just for joining.

The ways I use it to earn money are by taking surveys, shopping online and redeeming grocery vouchers.

Potential earnings: $70

You can join InboxDollars here.

Ebates (you’ll get a $10.00 sign up bonus)

Just by signing up with Ebates, you will receive a 3.0% cash back anytime you buy at Amazon.

I’ve received more than $300 cash back from Ebates since I started using it a couple of months ago. It just became to be my favourite cash back company.

There are other products from which you can earn up to 30% cash back on every purchase.

Plus, if you sign up using my link you will get $10 when you make a purchase over $25. You can signup now and claim your $10 months later.

Potential earnings: $120

You can join Ebates here. Only for 18+

PanelPlace (organize your paid surveys)

PanelPlace is a website that includes all the legitimate market research panels that have been proven to pay their members for surveys.

All the sites recommended in PanelPlace are free to join (I just love it!). The best is that it recommends sites that are applicable to your country.

So you won’t complete any surveys in PanelPlace, but it will lead you to great survey sites to make extra money.

Potential earnings: $130

You can join PanelPlace here.

survey sites, make money online, best surveys sites, make money from homeOpinionSurveys (unlimited surveys per day)

You don’t need to register in OpinionSurveys to complete surveys.

OpinionSurveys is not the typical survey panel, there is no point system. Each completed survey gives you a ticket for a monthly prize draw. The more surveys you complete, the more tickets you can get (and chances to get the $1,000 monthly prize).

Make sure you provide the right information so they can send you the check to the right address.

You can start with OpinionSurveys here.

Clickperks (get a $10 gift card sign up bonus)

Clickperks is just great. Just only for signing up, you’ll get a $10 gift card.

Then you can earn points for taking surveys, reading emails and even searching the web. You can redeem your points for various rewards including cash, electronics and gift cards.

Potential earnings: $60

You can join Clickperks here. Must be 13+

YouGov (you’ll get 2,000 points sign up bonus)

YouGov is one of my favourite online survey companies. If you are 14+ and from the USA you can join for free.

The length of each survey varies, but in my experience, they don’t take more than 5-6 minutes long. The maximum they can take is 20 minutes but it barely happens.

The survey’s topics are mainly politically focused but there are many other survey topics. They pay directly to your PayPal account or through gift cards (whatever you prefer).

Potential earnings: $170

You can join YouGov here.

By signing up to all the above sites, you can make a total of $1,170! Of course, it will depend on the time you put on.

Some few tips that may help you:

  • Sign up for as many survey sites as possible so you can receive new surveys every day.
  • Complete surveys/tasks that pay well (I only focus in surveys from $2 to $20).
  • Teach your partner how to do it and then you can make $2,000 a month.

I hope that after reading this post you put into practice what you have learnt here and make some extra income every month from these amazing sites.

Side note: doing surveys is not a get rich scheme and it’s very difficult making a living out of it.

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