14 Survey Sites To Make Extra Money In 2020


Before I started blogging, one of the ways I made extra cash was by doing free online surveys.

I didn’t get rich from taking these online surveys, but I made a good side income by spending a little bit of my time every day.

Since then, I’ve been doing surveys every month. The number of surveys I do depends on how much free time I have. Some months I end up making $150 and others $400. My record was something near $500 in three weeks.

After doing some in-depth research and trying over 50 survey companies (many of them were a scam), here I leave you a list with, what I believe, are some of the best survey companies to make extra money in 2020.

I’ve tried all of them and I can guarantee you 100% that these survey companies are legit and they always pay on time.

My recommendation for you is to sign up for all the free online survey sites below if this is a side hustle you like.

Make sure you always confirm your registrations via the confirmation sent to your email.

#1) Swagbucks (my favourite, I got $50 gift cards)

Swagbucks helps me earning gift cards which I can use at Amazon, and it’s very easy. You can also claim your points as a cash check.

They give you points for taking surveys, watching videos, using it as a search engine (just like Google), online shopping and trying new promotional products.

Then you can redeem these points for gift cards. I already redeemed 3 Amazon gift cards for $50 and it feels great.

You can join Swagbucks here.

#2) Vindale Research (I earn $150-$200/month, $2.00 signup bonus)

Vindale is one of my favorite online survey companies. You can earn a good extra money every month just by doing a couple of these surveys a week.

They are one of the best survey companies considering the payout and time spent. The best thing is that before taking any survey you’ll be able to see how much will they pay and the time to complete.

I only do the ones which pay between $2 to $20.

You can join Vindale Research here.

#3) OneOpinion (available in US, UK and CA)

With OneOpinion you get points every time you complete a survey. Then, this points can be traded in for rewards (I always choose the $25 virtual Visa Debit Card).

If you prefer cash, OneOpinion has now added the option of having your rewards delivered directly to your PayPal account which I think I’m gonna try next time I accumulate 25,000 points.

You can join OneOpinion here. Must be 13+

#4) EarningStation (I earn around $120-$180/month)

EarningStation reminds me to Swagbucks. The way it works is the same.

With EarningStation, you earn money by watching videos, taking surveys and shopping online. During weekends when I’m watching movies or sitting on my couch doing nothing, I usually spend some time with EarningStation.

They send you emails for surveys every now and then. You get points which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Once you signup for EarningStation, you can receive 1,000 SD (worth $10) just by signing up for 5 websites. The name of this offer is “Easy $10”, make sure is the first thing you do when you register.

You can join EarningStation here.

#5) American Consumer Opinion (one of the best US survey companies)

American Consumer Opinion is another of my favorite survey companies and I highly recommend it. The payment is straight forward.

If you just want to join one survey company, make sure it’s this one.

You can join American Consumer Opinion here.

#6) Survey Downline (I’ve made $80 in the last month)

Survey Downline is a paid survey site that allows you to earn money by participating in their surveys.

The rewards are up to $20 per individual survey. You will receive survey invitations via email.

Survey Downline pays via Paypal once you reach the minimum threshold of $20.

You can join Survey Downline here.

#7) Survey Junkie (I’ve made $70 last month)

Before you can earn money from surveys, you need provide some personal information in your profile (age, contact info and consumer preferences). Then, they’ll use this information to send you relevant surveys.

You can expect to earn about $1 to $3 per completed survey. It’s not much, but completing a couple of them every day you’ll get enough to pay a couple of bills per month.

You can join Survey Junkie here.

#8) Harris Poll Online (always get points even when you are not qualified)

With Harris Poll Online you don’t earn cash but you earn rewards (which sometimes is better!).

The best thing is that if you don’t qualify for the survey, you will still earn points, so there is no lost time.

Online surveys typically take anywhere between 15-20 minutes to complete. Short surveys will take around 5 minutes, and very long ones are around 25 minutes. I normally do surveys that take about 15 minutes.

So far I’ve received two Amazon gift cards ($20) and some retail e-Vouchers.

You can join Harris Poll Online here.

pinterest-14-survey-sites-to-make-extra-money-in-2017-2#9) Mr. Rebates (7% Amazon Cash Back)

I recently found Mr. Rebates and I need to say I’m very impressed. They offer great discounts for Amazon, eBay, Groupon and many other stores.

Every time I want to buy something on Amazon, I do it through Mr. Rebates and I get a discount.

They also offer free products for you to try and review once in a while.

You can join Mr. Rebates here.

#10) Nielsen Mobile Panel (I use it as mobile App)

As a member of Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel you are able to earn money by completing surveys, sharing your opinion and using the Internet as you do today.

You can even win some prices weekly and monthly, they give more than $10,000 in prices every month too.

You can join Nielsen Mobile Panel here.

#11) My Survey (earn up to $200/month)

My Survey is an international program available in most of the countries.

They pay you real money for completing surveys, visiting sites, trying free offers and referring friends and advertisers.

The pay via Paypal or gift cards and there is no minimum threshold.

You can join My Survey.

#12) Global Test Market (earn money from your phone)

You’ll be rewarded for sharing your opinion. You’ll be able to take surveys about shopping, restaurants, cooking and more.

You just sign up and get surveys delivered to your inbox, fill these up, and receive your payment across PayPal or a paycheck (PayPal is quicker).

Don’t forget to verify your email to receive your first payment!

You can join Global Test Market here.

#13) Shop Tracker ($3.00 visa gift card signup bonus)

If you download the ShopTracker app (available for your computer or phone), sync it with your Amazon account, and you’ll receive a $3 Visa Gift card as a welcome bonus. It only takes 2 minutes.

The longer you participate with ShopTracker, the more reward you will earn. Just do your normal shopping as you usually do. They will also send you surveys once in a while.

It is not available for Mac yet. This program is only available for US residents.

You can join ShopTracker here.

#14) Live Sample Survey (you could make $100’s per month)

Another survey site which pays for completing surveys. Every time you complete a survey you have a chance to get an extra reward of $10,000.

It’s not my favorite survey site but every month I try to do a few surveys to boost my savings.

Once you enter your email you will be redirected to a Survey, complete it and your account will be set up.

You can join Live Sample Survey here.

Extra: Qmee (instant Paypal payment since day one)

Qmee is a simple internet browser app extension that allows you to earn some easy money on the side. Basically, you do your google/yahoo/ebay/amazon searches as normal and sometimes ads ad links come up on the side.

Clicking those ad links range from 5-20 cents that go into your Qmee PiggyBank. Paypal cashout has no limit and is instant.

It also has paid surveys which take about 5-15 min to complete.

Check out is via Paypal and it doesn’t have any threshold so you can take your money instantly from the first day.

You can join Qmee here.


When I wrote this post initially, I mentioned 14 survey sites but I keep it updated so below you will find some more online sites to make extra money:


TopCashBack (you’ll get a $10.00 sign up bonus)

Top Cashback is my second favorite cash back company. There are 20%-30% discounts in many hotels for when you are traveling. Also, you can get a free $5 Amazon gift card for a limited time by signing up.

This year I saved $275 on my car insurance by using TopCashBack. Also, I received $135 cashback for my current internet company.

You can join TopCashBack here.

Nice Quest (receive daily emails with new surveys)

Nice Quest is one of those sites you want to join. Why? Because you can set up how frequently you want to receive new surveys and they will send you to your inbox.

You will receive 40 Caracola points (worth $4.00) just by signing up using my link.

Then you can use these points to get gift cards, movie tickets, etc.

One of the best things is that all the surveys can be done from your smartphone. In my case, I use it when I am queuing or waiting for somebody.

You can join Nice Quest here.

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    • Hi Gabi,

      Well, it depends on your country. Currently, I am working in a new post in where I will share all the non-US surveys sites.

  1. This was a good resource article. Another way to earn money is by mystery shopping which is shopping around at various places for various things and filling out reports about the product S and service received afterwards and a good resource site to find and sign up for mystery shopper companies is volition.com. Also there are market research companies that pay very well for usually short office visits for taste tests, product testing and sometimes for long term projects. I have been paid $70 for two day visits for sampling salsa, I have received vouchers for free hotels stays for sampling food that they want to sell and I have done long term projects for laundry detergent that paid $650! Some companies that do market research are: focus scope, precision research, Delve Research and P&K research and if you’re into video games VG Market. Good Luck all!

    -Montez Bond

  2. I’m curious as to how many hours per week it took to earn $700 or $800 a month doing these online surveys?

    ALSO, is this for those 18 years old or older? I ask because our 16 yr old wondered if she could do this or not.

    Thank you! Very interesting info you shared!

    • It depends on site to site but most of them are for 16 and above. I guess it’s specified in the terms and conditions of each survey site. To make $700 to $800 you need many hours per week (I’ve never counted because I do surveys during my free time).
      These survey sites will not make you quit your job but it’s a good supplementary income.

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