12 things I've done to make extra income
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12 Things I’ve Done To Make Extra Money

October 13, 2016 Francisco Anes 4

One year ago, my life changed completely around making extra money so that I could do what I always wanted, travel around the world. Since then I’ve traveled to China, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and Europe. Before I started this blog I was struggling to pay my bills back in college. Without my side hustle income, I don’t know how would I paid them. This side income allowed to me change my life and improve my economic status than if I only had one source of income. I combined these side hustle activities Read more […]

content samurai review
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Content Samurai Review – How To Create Engaging Videos In Minutes

September 24, 2016 Francisco Anes 1

Most of my regular readers will know already that my top priority for my online business is based on delivering outstanding content. Over the past few months I have been using more and more often Content Samurai, and now it’s an irreplaceable tool for my content strategy. It is an absolutely fantastic tool that I use as part of my post schedule every time I generate video content. Content Samurai As Part Of My Content Strategy  First, you need to know why videos are critical to the success Read more […]

monthly income report, passive income report, make money online, how to make money blogging
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Passive Income Report November 2015 (with traffic and metrics)

December 7, 2015 Francisco Anes 4

Welcome to my monthly income report for November 2015! Every month I try to publish a detailed report with all the accounts for my online businesses. On them I include the earnings and expenses, I tell a little bit about my personal experience and what new things I have been trying during this period of time. I will explain as well what my future targets are and if the previous ones have been achieved or not. Why doing this? Because it helps me to keep track of my personal finances with my online Read more […]

passive income can change your life
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Why Passive Income Can Change Your Life

November 15, 2015 Francisco Anes 5

Nowadays, with this busy world, it’s hard to find time to do all those activities we like to do. We spend an average of 8-10 hours/day either working, studying or just to get money for living. How would you feel if I tell you that there is a way of changing this? A way in which you are the one deciding the time you want to spend working every day. Welcome to the Passive Income life. But before continue…. WHAT IS PASSIVE INCOME? Passive income is by definition “an income received on a regular Read more […]

monthly income report, passive income report, make money online, how to make money blogging
Blogging Tips

Passive Income Report October 2015 (with traffic and metrics)

November 9, 2015 Francisco Anes 12

Welcome to my monthly income report for October 2015! Each month I will try to publish a detailed account of what is happening in my online businesses, including earnings and goings on a month by month (as well as lessons learned). My intention is to keep track of my own progress and to make it public so people like you can learn from my successes and failures.  This is my first month, and I decided to do it because I believe this is a great success for my first month blogging. Hurray! I started Read more […]