Income Roundup Report – September 2016


Hey folks! Today I’m starting this new series of posts: the income roundup reports!

Perhaps it is not the most original idea, but you know… I love income reports.

I enjoy reading every single line, taking the best out of them and learning from other bloggers experiences.

The challenge is to see myself climbing month after month on the list, for now, I’m the 21st. To check the progress of my income reports, follow this link.

september 2016 income report roundup

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And this month the first position is for…

pat-flynn#1 >> – $147,427.22

This month, Pat announced his brand new WordPress Theme. He partnered with StudioPress and they were able to do re-engineering from his theme used on his blog for the last 3 years.

It’s been another good month for Pat and he keeps receiving a big chunk of his income from affiliate earnings, however, month after month he is diversifying more.

He also keeps experimenting with his Podcast and this month he achieved nearly 90,000 of downloads with his last episode.

john-lee-dumas-eofire#2 >> – $124,512.00

John’s highest income is coming from his podcast sponsorship which generated $87,000. Crazy, right? It’s also important to consider that he is expending $71,812 for the business to keep going.

He travelled to Puerto Rico for a mastermind session which was a total success, however, he ended up doing an outdoor bbq, going out to a casino and other funny activities.

Ownership is the biggest lesson learned this month. He recommends taking ownership of your own business because, after all, no one cares about your business as much as you do.

michelle-making-sense-of-cents#3 >> – $90,188.40

Second best month on Michelle’s income reports since the creation of her blog. Would you believe me if I tell you she was making $23,992 in August last year? In only 12 months she x4 her income report.

A total of $61,262.40 of her income is coming from affiliate programs. Dips on traffic didn’t allow her to complete her goals for this month.

She has spent some quality time on writing blog posts for the coming months and now she is ready to spend the next three months on a new SEO mastermind. Michelle tell us how exciting she feels about it. I would feel it too.

Her last course already got over 4,000 subscriptions and the received feedback is quite positive.

matthew-truevalhalla#4 >> – $37,390.00

Matt has reached his personal income report record on his best month so far. This was thanks to a fundraising event in where he gathered more than $30,000 in only 24 hours.

His business direction is focused now on producing a new framework, and new games that can use it.

He only worked 89 hours this month and took 14 days of holidays. Most of the earnings of this month will be reinvested into his businesses.

johnny-jen#5 >> – $26,242.65

A good month for Johnny, he had loads of fun and earn pretty good money too. Most of his incomings are from affiliate programs as usual but he also is making few thousands from books and courses.

He has visited Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The craziest part, tell us Johnny, is that he was able to earn passive income without doing much work. Traveling is time-consuming and he did have no time for work.

His dropshipping sales have decreased this month but he expects to come back to higher numbers in the next month.

authoritywebsiteincome-jon-haver#6 >> – $25,405.88

Jon confesses to us his concerns regarding business expenses. This month has been his record in costs and it doesn’t seem to slow down in the next month!

On the bright side, his new projects are taking off and he keeps duplicating traffic during 5 months in a row. He also reveals what kind of website seller is he looking for.

His earning for this month are way higher than his target income which was set to $15,000. Congratulations Jon!

matthew-woodward#7 >> – $21,686.00

This month Matt is finally settled down on his new house. One of his biggest struggles at the moment is training for Ironman, which drains his energy. He is hoping that with the time he will get used to it because right now it’s physically and mentally tiring.

He has spent most of his time cleaning up his blog and doing some maintenance. This helped him to build some more organic traffic, which he hopes to keep increasing in the upcoming months.

Six posts were published on his blog (one more than last month) and as usual his tutorials are crunching the numbers. Half of Matt’s income is coming from a total of 57 affiliate programs!

#8 >> – $13,608.00

Justin reports the worst month he had in over a year (40% less than last month). However, he expects September a much better month and he hopes to get back on track. The good news is that he generally see a lot more work coming in the closer we get to Christmass.

His Pinterest project keeps growing at a slow pace, with $300 of affiliate income.

He also purchased his first rental property a couple of months ago and just recently purchased another rental property in a place known for vacation rentals. This strategy is focusing on diversifying his income and minimising his risks. Clever man!

brendan-mace#9 >> – $10,062.04

This month has been “a month filled with adventures, anxieties and the human journey of living an imperfectly beautiful life” for Brendan. He is celebrating his best month so far!

He enjoyed life travelling to Portugal and Barcelona and its vibrant nightlife (I’m so glad he loved my country).

Only a new video was uploaded this month to his YouTube channel, but still, the traffic increased dramatically.

He is working on his new product which is still in development and it will be launching soon.

alexa-mason-single-moms-income#10 >> – $7,976.23

This month expenses are higher than usual for Alexa’s business, however, income is steady. She gets $5,079.62 after expenses and taxes, which is great because she is saving 50%.

Her income comes mainly from Ad networks and affiliate sales, however, she also got some freelance work done.

She also answered few questions from her readers this month. She explains how blogging is not saturated and encourages to start a blog cause it’s easy and fun.

sydney-untemplater#11 >> – $6,588

Another good month for Syndey. Her monthly total revenue is $12,540, however, after expenses and investments only left half of it. About a 75% of her income is coming from freelancing.

She shows us her plants and tells us how much she likes gardening (we share the same passion ^^).

Also, she talks about her investments and how she keeps investing $5,000 every month as she set it up as a goal for 2016.

jessicagavin#12 >> – $4,411.57

Jessica reports a RPM of $19.58 this month, which is awesome.  Most of her income is coming from Ad networks and sponsorships.

She analysed the improvements on the quality of her videos compared to three years ago.  We can also see that her traffic is coming from Google and Pinterest.

Changes in one of her WP plugins were needed as it didn’t receive any new updates over the last year. The new plugin is giving very good results so far.

allan-the-practical-saver#13 >> – $4,010.00

Allan reports what is his best month so far! In only 7 months he built a blog which generates over 4k per month. Pretty impressive!

His source of income mainly relies on surveys companies and referrals. On his blog, he talks about how to save money every month with tips and personal experience.

He tell us how just only a few of his posts are the main cash generators of his blog.

Most of his traffic is coming from Pinterest and he got a 70.95% traffic increase.

nathan-income-bully#14 >> – $3,457.23

This month has been “absolutely unproductive” for Nathan when it comes to his blog. However, he spent a little bit of time working on his local SEO course.

Content creation was zero and he didn’t do outreach. All of this is justified because he has spent time trying to win a municipal project.

On the bright side, a reader has personally contacted Nathan asking for SEO services. He describes this work as a very good experience. Also, he made good income this month despite how difficult it was to beat his last income report with over 8k.

ron-one-hour-professor#15 >> – $2,882.23

I’m very impressed with Ron this month as he reports his biggest month ever for his Udemy course sales. He also did some consulting and started a new Ecommerce website.

He writes his income report from an exotic beautiful place in Brazil called Minas Gerais. This month he feels like an authentic entrepreneur, he can travel wherever he want and earn money at the same time without working much.

A total of 34 hours working plus 60 contracted, altogether 94 hours, which is way below the national working hours average.

ilya-onlinemoneyz#16 >> – $1,244.31

Ilya reports his 18th income report for his blog. This month he moved all the way across the country with his parents, and then moved back nearly to the same place two weeks later for college.

He has a lot of time to work on his online business during that time as he had nothing else to do. He also hired his first virtual assistant from OnlineJobs after receiving over 20 applications!

A busy month in terms of working hours, Ilya has written a couple of posts, bought some PBN links and revived his BNT affiliate site.

His traffic went up around a 10% and his income is mainly coming from his amazon affiliate niche and Content Samurai.

nadya-livingoffcloud#17 >> – $1,183.88

This month Nadya did a deep review of her Private Blog Network. She lost one of her blogs due to the fact she forgot to pay for hosting ($1), she explains, because the auto-renewal was off.

She got featured in an important blog receiving a relevant valuable link plus some extra traffic.

Cycling, jogging, swimming and working is the best way to describe her month.

Her income is well divided by Amazon earnings and AdSense revenue, also she got nearly $200 from Kickfurther. Another month with profits above $1,000, well done Nadya!

sarah-the-frugal-millionare-blog#18 >> – $1,123.60

This is another good month for Sarah, who made almost $500 just from blogging. The rest is coming from freelancing jobs.

The reason why her income decreased is because most of her payments are made 1-3 months out, so the money reported here is mainly what she earned in June.

She also gave us some tips about how to make money by writing, some examples are sponsored blogs or product sales such as ebooks.

richard-passive-income-trek#19 >> – $918.37

Richard reports his 4th income report, and this month he is happy to say how things have changed from last month. He beat all last month stats! Congratulations!

Most of his income is coming from side hustle. One of his last reviews also led to a referral, generating extra $25.

Some of his next month target include writing 3 blog posts, focus on Instagram growth and finish a Python Twitter scheduler.

ali-raza#20 >> – $620.96

Ali Raza has been almost one year reporting his income reports. This month he tried a new plugin to show the last update date on his blogs in order to improve user experience.

A total of 4 posts were written by Ali and one was updated.

His organic traffic increased a 48%, which is great, despite the drop in the overall traffic. He tell us to focus on building an email list and forget about the money at the beginning, subscribers are the real value.

To end up, he answered a few audience questions and reported in detailed all his earnings, which come from freelancing, consulting and affiliate programs.

francisco-facebook-profile#21 >> – $491.87

I got married this month! This is the second time I get marry… with the same woman! Two years back we got married in the UK, where we live. Now we got marry again in Spain, where my family is living. Who knows, perhaps next year I get marry in China.

As you would understand, I’ve been travelling and expending time with my family, so this month I did very little work, I just answered emails and check that my sites are working.

It is nice to see that my Niche Site 1 is working by itself receiving 90% of the traffic from Google.

Drop in earnings but looking forward to a much better coming month.

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madi-therestlessworker#22 >> – $219.06

It’s a drop in income for Madi this month but it’s been a good month overall. She is making progress in elements that are within her control.

This month she did some testing with Facebook ads so that accounts for some loss of income. Pinterest is helping her a lot to bring traffic to her site, and she increased it by 100%!

Her main income stream is Copypress followed by Google Adsense.

As a lesson, she realised that blogging takes time.

essi#23 >> – $93.08

Jumping from negative numbers to nearly $100, Essi has experienced a positive month. However, he used to make over $1,000 per month, after he got his new job he realised he doesn’t have as much free time as he had before.

He has been celebrating his birthday in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). He shows off with photos of amazing beaches and getting tanned under the sun.

He wrote a total of 4 articles with over 1,000 words just before going on holiday and behaved well, doing 1 hour of work a day during his holidays.

A project with Neil Patel is keeping him very busy. Essi will try to contact someone to see if he can advertise.

lloyd-the-extra-income-project#24 >> – $-34.88

This has been a good month for Lloyd despite his negative income. He finally put everything in place and completed his About page.

He experienced a big increase in traffic by the end of the month and almost doubled his email list.

This month he is reporting negative income, but this is due to the reason that he invested $97 on a course. I’m sure next month he will be in positive numbers!


Wrapping up

This is the first roundup I report, all of them are amazing bloggers who report amazing income reports.

These awesome people made a total of $531,707.70 during this month.

It seems that most of them had a relaxing summer and they are getting ready for the next season.

I would love to include more people in the mix but I made a ground rule: as long as you have your income reports up to date, you will be included, just drop me a comment.

If you feel motivated to start your own blog then you should start your own blog. It just takes 15 minutes!


  1. Thanks for the mention Francisco! I recognize a lot of bloggers on your roundup. We all gotta start somewhere and seize the opportunities that present themselves. Glad to see a lot of people have been doing very well.

    • Hey Sydney,

      Thanks for stopping by. That’s exactly what I tell everybody who wants to start a blog. You start small like a mustard seed, and then you grow in to a huge tree.

      Being surounded with such a amazing bloggers like you, make me feel so motivated! =)

  2. This is epic! Also, noticed you mentioning content samurai on your site, so will check that out.

    I’ve just done an income report, would you consider adding me?

    • Hey Dave,

      I check your site periodically, it’s a really good resource.

      For the November roundup report, I will include you. This October I didn’t do a roundup, I’ve been having some issues doing a migration and the time to publish it was already too late.

  3. Hey mate, cool roundup, actually, I know 85% of the bloggers listed above and there are a lot out there for sure who don’t really show their earnings, one of them is me lol
    Let me know if I can be included in the next roundup.

    • Hey Azedine, gracias you for your comment!

      I will include you in the next roundup, just make your income reports up to date and I’ll add yours.


  4. Hello Passive Income Wise,

    I found your blog by chance. I would really appreciate if you can add me to your list.

    I’m so inspired by the list of amazing bloggers. Good job out of everyone!

  5. Congratulations for your 21th position.I hope that you will also reach high shortly.
    It’s really a great list of potential bloggers who are earning a decent amount of money from blogging.
    Love this post..thanks for sharing

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