Income Roundup Report – November 2016


income-report-roundup-novemberHey folks! Today I’m sharing my second series of posts: the income roundup reports!

The thing is that since I started blogging I created my own income reports, and since then, I love them!

I enjoy reading other bloggers income reports too. I read every single line, taking the best out of them and learning from their experiences. And that’s why I write these roundups!

The challenge is to see myself climbing month after month on the list, for now, I’m the 19th. To check the progress of my income reports, follow this link.

And this month the first position is for…

pat-flynn#1 >> – $128,955.17

This month, Pat talks about all the talks he has done during this month and his experience with his 6 years old son on stage.

He normally keeps the summer off so the family can spend all the summer together and go on a trip or two, so this month is typically a month for speaking at conferences and events.

A really good month for Pat. A big portion of his income is coming from affiliate programs, however, he is diversifying and he got over $5k on book sales and $30k between his Podcast and Software/Apps sales.

michelle-making-sense-of-cents#2 >> – $99,607.18

Michelle celebrates 3 years since she left her day job, such an achievement!

She keeps her earnings steady and she keeps growing traffic on her blog. The increase is due to the realise of her last course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”.

As usual, a big part of her income comes from affiliate streams, in particular, Bluehost.

Two months ahead on blog posts allowed her to focus on learning more about SEO and she wants to spend another whole month on it.

john-lee-dumas-eofire#3 >> – $96,159.00

John’s highest income is coming from his podcast sponsorship which generated $61.500. Crazy, right? It’s also important to consider that he is expending $58,114 for the business to keep going.

He spent a majority of time in San Diego visiting family, friends and conference hopping!

Also, he jetted to America’s Finest City to speak at a one-day meet up put on by Rick Mulready and then to present at Amy Porterfield’s one-day meet up for her B-Shool peeps.

authoritywebsiteincome-jon-haver#4 >> – $36,767.00

I’m very impressed with Jon this month. This month the numbers started to feel different, and the thing is that this has been his best month so far!

His key success tips were growth, reinvestment and FBA. On the other hand, key failures were FBA timing, communication timing and bouncing around his team priorities.

With a total of $36,767.00 of actual net income, he was able to increase his average monthly net income and push it above his yearly goal. Well done Jon!

brendan-mace#5 >> – $26,059.22

This month Brendan shares one of his favourites speakers, Brene Brown, whose quote is “When you deny your story, the story owns you. When you own your story, you get to write the ending.”

After some difficult months, Brendan comes back stronger than ever on his online business.

Crushing the numbers with his income report, he reveals his future strategy: build authority with his guests and to cause indirect traffic to hit his YouTibe channel.

His course “Zero Hour Work Days” is being a total success. Congratulations Brendan!

johnny-jen#6 >> – $21,959.89

A good month for Johnny, he had loads of fun and earn pretty good money too. Most of his incomings are from affiliate programs as usual but he also is making few thousands from books and courses.

He is back to Chiang Mai and it feels awesome for him. He also went racing Lamborghinis and scuba diving with giant Manta rays.

Income from investments is coming regularly as months before.

matthew-woodward#7 >> – $20,927.00

On his 49th income report, Matt tells us how he improved his website performance by improving site speed by 80%.

Unfortunately, he got injured for 2 weeks when training for Ironman but now he is fully recovered (come on Matt, you can!).

This month his traffic increased a little bit and his target is to keep it near 60,000 for now. With a total of 57 affiliate programs, Matt has made more than $20,000 one more time.

matthew-truevalhalla#8 >> – $12,685.00

Matt spent most of the last month away on holiday, and unfortunately, he couldn’t write a lot of content.

After returning from the coast, he had so much work to catch up on and he struggled to find some time for blogging.

During this month, Matt sold on of his websites. Most of the income earned this month is coming from HTML5 Games (which he develops), followed by book sales.

#9 >> – $11,743.00

This month, Justin’s net income came in around $12,000, which is about $9,000 less than the previous month.

However, with the holiday season coming, and having some reputable retail clients, they ramp up their advertisement efforts over the next couple of months.

Justin reveals that he has nearly a dozen of new web properties (recently purchased) which will help him to increase his monthly income. This makes a total of 45 websites!


alexa-mason-single-moms-income#10 >> – $7,171.39

Another good month for Alexa. This month was better than the previous one but only slightly.

She changed her blog theme a couple of months ago thinking things would be more streamlined but it didn’t work as expected so she returned things back as they were before.

Most of her income report is coming from affiliate commissions, followed by blog advertisement.

allan-the-practical-saver#11 >> – $5,765.11

Allan reports what is his best month so far! In only 7 months he built a blog which generates over 5k per month. Pretty impressive!

His source of income mainly relies on surveys companies and referrals. On his blog, he talks about how to save money every month with tips and personal experience.

He tell us how just only a few of his posts are the main cash generators of his blog.

Most of his traffic is coming from Pinterest thanks to Tailwind pin scheduler.

dave-getpostcookie#12 >> – $5,729.35

Dave’s income report is new in the list. This month he talks about Brexit (he is from the UK) and his disappointment.

Other than that, this has been a very good month for Dave’s online business.

A big part of his income is coming from his website Readability-Score, however, he spent $2,280 in business expenses.

sydney-untemplater#13 >> – $3,688

This month Sydney shows her disappointment with Trump being elected.

In terms of income, she did very well this month, making a total of $9,040 in revenue. However, her expenses were quite high ($6,040) because she freelances, in particular for web and project management.

She encourages her readers to start their own website with Bluehost.

nathan-income-bully#14 >> – $3,292.50

Really good month for Nathan. His productivity has increased compared to his last month and he accomplished many of his goals.

However, content production was low, and thanks to a guest post he could add some valuable post to his blog since last income report.

A sum of $1,534 was made from his own courses sales. The rest of the income is coming from coaching and some affiliate income. He does very well by diversifying his income!

jessicagavin#15 >> – $2,408.69

Jessica’s husband reports her income this month as usual.

Most of her income is coming from Grateful and sponsorships. They try to keep expenses low and that’s why the net profit is very high.

Her blog traffic is impressive, with a total of 171,000 visits! Many of the repetitive tasks are done by a VA she outsources, that’s why she can spend quality time in creating innovative receipes.

ron-one-hour-professor#16 >> – $2,246.96

Ron defines this month as “pretty eventful”. Although this month was great in terms of passive income, he is dealing with some failures on his end that are quickly becoming costly errors.

He has been investing a significant amount of money into new websites but he is not seeing any return at all yet. I’m sure they will generate income soon.

A total of 52 hours working plus 51 contracted, altogether 103 hours, which is way below the national working hours average.

sarah-the-frugal-millionare-blog#17 >> – $1,763.60

This is another good month for Sarah, who made more than $1,700 just from blogging. This month, no money is coming from freelancing.

Most of the money is coming from affiliate sales, followed by ads and book sales.

She is on maternity leave since baby Hallie came to this world. Being a mum and doing blogging is something that she loves!

piigirl-passive-income-ideas#18 >> – $1,106.82

New to the list, PiiGirl. I met her on Reddit and she is living in the UK too.  This has been a really for month for her.

With an hourly rate of $138 and very little expenses, she is making a magnificent job.

She has 4 niche sites making money from Amazon affiliate program, however, most of the income is coming from one of them. If her income keeps growing this fast, really soon she will be at the top of the list!

francisco-facebook-profile#19 >> – $803.73

Last month has been my best month ever since I started blogging. I’m getting closer and closer to the $1k (which is my target before the end of 2016).

This month I’ve been focusing on Pinterest traffic. Since I purchased Tailwind, my traffic has increased by 400%.

I’ve been helping my wife to set up her own blog, which you can visit here, and also I’ve learnt some new blogging stuff from her.

I kept working on my niche sites 1 and 2 which are growing at a regular pace, exactly what I was looking for!

nadya-livingoffcloud#20 >> – $787.18

This month Nadya shares her worries about her Elephant Niche, a drop of 35% in traffic compared with last year metrics make her think something is going wrong. Some reasons might be the last Panda update or competitors catching up.

On the bright side, her personal blog is growing. Last month she was contacted by a few businesses interested to appear on her blog, however, she only accepted one of the enquiries.

More than half of her monthly income is from AdSense. The rest is divided between Amazon affiliate program and other affiliates.

neil-watch-me-quit#21 >> – $725.00

This month Neil is new to the list. He just recently started writing income reports but I already enjoy them.

He spent some time in the past developing websites for clients, but this month he realised that he doesn’t want to build websites for clients anymore.

A total of $600 is coming from marketing services that Neil provides, the rest is from coaching. His target is to get $5,000 a month within next month, will he be able to do it?

ilya-onlinemoneyz#22 >> – $601.21

Ilya has been very busy this month despite not having any new post on his blog. He has been working in creating videos and in getting links from webs 2.0.

His website traffic is very stable which is good for business. In fact, this month he made a $1,682 as income, but the expenses are more than $1,000.

Most of his income is from Amazon affiliates, but a big amount is from promoting  Content Samurai.


ali-raza#23 >> – $555.96

This month Ali Raza has made major changes on his website. He redesigned his whole theme to improve user-experience, doing more self-branding, increase email subscriptions and improving loading time.

A total of 5 posts were written by Ali and one was updated and his traffic increased again this month in 17%.

Most of his income is coming from consultation ($400) and also from his SEMRush review which I recommend you to read.

 richard-passive-income-trek#24 >> – $230.93

Richard reports his 5th income report. This month has started very well from him receiving a payment from Thrive Themes.

This is his second best month stats and metrics.

Most of his income is from his regular side hustle income, then Thrive Leads and a little bit from AdSense.

madi-therestlessworker#25 >> – $117.49

Madi is happy to see that her traffic numbers went back up in her income report.

She spent half of this month travelling in Europe and having a “real” vacation. She took it relax for a while and that’s why income slightly dropped this month.

Her main income is from Copypress and Google AdSense.

This month she realised how important Facebook is for her website traffic.

essi#26 >> – $81.38

Work has been tough as usual for Essi but he still has hopes that things will change.

His website traffic has been steady for the last two months but not in an incredibly positive way. Since he didn’t make many recent updates on his blog, the traffic has decreased a little bit every month.

The good news is that he keeps receiving recurring sales from Wealthy Affiliate and some extra income from Silver Sykes.

lloyd-the-extra-income-project#27 >> – $72.64

This has been a good month for Lloyd with finally a positive balance. His total income is $179.64 but he invested part of it on a course.

Hus income is coming from Bluehost and his post about how to start a blog, and also from AdSense.

He is still working on branding for his website and plan to change his header design.

#28 >> MyAppIncome – $-1.04

New on the list, MyAppIncome! With still a negative balance but improving month after month, this website is generating more traffic month after month.

He has worked for 38 hours this month in different posts and apps.

The good news is that finally, AdSense accepted his website after few previous rejections.

Wrapping up

This is the second roundup I report, all of them are amazing bloggers who report amazing income reports.

These awesome people made a total of $492,009.36 during this month.

It seems that most of them are working very hard this autumn and they are getting ready for the Christmass season.

I would love to include more people in the mix but I made a ground rule: as long as you have your income reports up to date, you will be included, just drop me a comment.

If you feel motivated to start your own blog then you should start your own blog. It just takes 15 minutes!


    • Hey Neil, welcome to the list!
      Yeah, I’m addicted to income reports, the more I read the more motivated I become, that’s my source of motivation!

  1. Wow…. these must take a ton of work and effort to produce. I truly enjoy reading these, let’s me know I’m not alone and that I can do it. It would be an honor to be considered for this list, appreciate the consideration!

    Looking forward to many more…

    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks for your kind works. It takes a bit of time but this is one of my favourite monthly series.

      Of course, you will be considered for the next roundup!

  2. Hi,

    What a great list, I found both your income report and many of the other ones being truly inspirational!
    There are so many different ways to do online marketing and reading the income reports, is very helpful!

    I do a case study on an amazon site with income report and would love to be included in your list.
    Here’s the November income,

    The older case studies can be found here:

    Thank you for sharing this,

  3. This was a cool round up, with a few bloggers I hadn’t heard of yet. Thanks for putting this together. I’m just starting to do some freelance work in addition to the blog. We took a year off work, and are excited for a career pivot.

  4. Melyssa griffin is generating $140K per month from her blog so she would be number one on this list. Make sure and check out her blog income reports. Love this post

    • Yes, she is making a lot of money, however, her expenses are huge too, more than $100k last month.
      I enjoyed her income report!

  5. Very motivating to see so many bloggers reporting income! Especially in the more modest ranges. I love to see the variety of income sources, too. I am a newbie blogger still working on that first income, so I find these reports so helpful! Thanks!

    • Hy Kelly! When I need motivation I always have a look to other people incomes and I get inspired.
      Welcome to the blogging world! =)

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