How Did I Save $179.67 in My Car Insurance


In October 2015 I bought my first car, of course, a second-hand car but in a really good condition, a Renault Megane 1.4 Petrol. The purchase was a bargain, I only paid $2,175 (£1,450) for it and it was coming with the Full-Service History and the MOT just passed a few days ago.

How Did I Save $179.67 in My Car Insurance

I and my wife were so happy about it until we realised that every single car needs a Car Insurance. We never though how expensive it could be for starters and even more for a foreigner. I’m from Spain and my wife is Chinese but we are living in the United Kingdom.

My Car Insurance Quotation

The reason to buy this car was because my wife found a new job in a city far away from where we live (Cambridge), so I needed to drive every day around 90 miles. I started researching about cheap and reliables Car Insurance companies and during few days I only did that during my free time. When I found the perfect one according to my needs (in this case Direct Line) I introduced my details into the system and I received my quotation, when… WHAT?? A total of $1,438 (£959) was my quotation.

The main reason for such as high number was simple.

  • I had never had any car insurance before in UK.
  • I had been living in UK for only 3 years.
  • My annual mileage calculation was 25,000 miles.

Other parameters were less important; however living in Cambridge does increase the insurance price as well compared with other cities.

The thing is that I couldn’t do anything to reduce that amount and I was not intended to lie about it. If you are in the same situation I’ll give you an advice: Never lie to insurance companies, in the case of an accident if they realise that any of the data given is incorrect they have the right of cancel the policy and they will not cover you. You can save money on many other ways but not on that.

Long Story, Short Story

Since October till today many things have happened in my life. The most important one related to this topic is that my wife changed to a bigger company which is closer to where we live. With that meaning that I just needed to drive 16 miles per day instead of 90. But…. I already paid for it!

I paid a high amount for my car insurance to cover up to 25,000 miles/year. I felt so stupid thinking I shouldn’t have paid that high price for the insurance, but I couldn’t predict the future.

The miracle happened

With the feeling of being wasted our money, my wife suggested me to give them a call and ask for getting some money back. “Give it a try, you’ll never know”. she said. And, yes, why not? The worst case scenario I would spend 10 minutes on a phone call.

With my policy details on my hand and my phone call on the other, I called them and after 5 seconds somebody picked up my call. I explained my situation and the guy on the line told me that it’s very common. We agreed in reducing the annual mileage to 13,000 (which was more than enough for me) and in return he would give me back $179.67 (£119,78). Ouh yeah! I made it, I got it back!


If you are in the same situation, try it! Doing a phone call doesn’t take a long time and the reward can be high. I’m not sure if this is applicable to other car insurance companies, but at least is working with Direct Line.

Never lie when doing your quotation. If you get caught, it will mean the end of your policy and you will not see your money back. Or what is even worst, in the case of an accident your insurance will not cover you.

I hope my experience have helped you to see that it’s possible to save money in your car insurance by changing the mileage even after you already paid.

See you around!


  1. The part about picking up the phone to ask is one of the best things to do in any situation. You never know what can happen just by asking. And if they won’t do anything when you ask you can always jump up to the next level on the totem pole and often find what you are looking for!

  2. Did you try one of the price comparison sites, such as moneysupermarket or gocompare for cheap motor insurance? In my experience they are hard to beat for cheap insurance.

  3. Nice job getting some money back on your car insurance! It can get expensive, but it’s worth it to have coverage because you just never know what could happen. Even if you’re the safest driver, some one else could damage your car. Hope your car performs well and lasts for a long time!

    • I always go for the comprehensive option. It might be more expensive but it’s more reliable.
      Thanks for your tip!

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