How I Tripled my Affiliate Income in 4 months


Last month I made my very first affiliate $1,000 blogging from home!

I’m beyond excited for this achievement! Mainly because I’ve struggled a lot over the last few months trying to figure out how to make my blog work.

I did spend countless hours reading articles about how to monetize my blog from affiliate programs, and I tried a hundred strategies from many bloggers. None of them worked for me.

I couldn’t understand how these bloggers were making 5 and 6 figures while I was struggling so much.

But everything changed a few months ago when I found Michelle’s affiliate marketing course. This course opened my eyes! I understood why I wasn’t successful before, I was doing so many mistakes šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø

Today I’m happy to say that I’m making a 4 figures affiliate income. If anybody would have told me I’m going to be in this situation today, I would not have believed it.

And I still cannot believe this is happening to me.

It is amazing to get emails every now and then that says that I’ve made a sale, especially when they are overnight.

When I wake up, the first thing I do in the morning is to check my emails and I get so happy when I see I’ve made a sale (or more than one).

As you can see in the image below, last month I’ve made my first $1,000 from affiliates.

make money affiliate marketin

My Struggle Turned Into a Success

After spending a lot of time (and money) trying strategies that perhaps worked a couple of years ago but not anymore, I decided that it was enough. It was enough to try half-way methods and following what others were telling me to do.

I was putting a lot of effort into my blog and the return wasn’t what I expected.

I was ready to give up!

You can imagine when I stumbled upon Michelle’s course, seeing how she was making a living out of her blog while traveling.

In fact, she was making over 50k a month from affiliate marketing.

If she was making 50k a month, what could stop me from making a small fraction of that money? For example, 1k a month!

I convinced myself that I was missing something on my blog (and of course I did). I decided then, to give it a chance and listen to what Michelle was having to say.

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Affiliate marketing, make money from home, best affiliate programs, affiliate marketing strategy, make money onlineHow I Made My First $1,000 Affiliate Income Last Month

The first thing I did is to clear my day so I could go through the whole course to find which strategies I can implement straight away.

It didn’t take much time to put some actions on me, because after finishing the Module 2 (How To Find and Apply To Affiliate Programs) I got a list of affiliate links I could start promoting.

My first learning is… “you don’t need a huge list of affiliate programs to have conversions”.

She recommends sticking to 10 good quality affiliate products at the beginning, AND that’s what I did.

So in December, I started promoting my top 10 favourite products which of course I use (I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t use before).

I can guarantee that this strategy works because before I used to have so many different links for so many products and I didn’t get many conversions.

Now I’m promoting around 10-15 products and it works like a charm.

I also followed a combination of the strategies from Module 4 (How To Get Your Readers To Convert) and Module 5 (Strategies and Ways To Promote Affiliate Links), which brings me to…

…my second biggest learning: You need the right tools to promote your affiliate links. The best is that all of those tools are completely free so you don’t need any investment.

Within one month, my income increased 87% and has since tripled only 3 months after taking the course.

My affiliate income was $302.58 before I started it, immediately jumped to $561.35 the next month, and right now is $1,023.18 and increasing!

My Page Views Remain the Same but my Income Tripled

You may be thinking that perhaps my page views increased and that’s why my income increased. Nop! My traffic stayed the same. Below is a screenshot from Google Analytics to prove it.

Affiliate marketing how to make money

You don’t need a lot of traffic to make sales.

The screenshot above shows my traffic for over 5 months, so I receive an average of 8k page views a month. Still, I can make over $1,000 from affiliate sales.

I can’t wait to see what will happen after I increase my traffic!

The best of all is that I didn’t implement all the strategies in the course yet. I’m sure that my sales will get better and better. I really can’t wait!

To finish, here is a screenshot of some of my most recent payments šŸ™‚

All learnings and strategies I mentioned in this post are just a small part of Michelle’s course. I absolutely love it!

A lot of tips and information that has helped me to increase my affiliate income in 338.15% in 4 months! Without any extra software or investments!

If you are struggling with affiliate sales (as I was), I recommend you to check this course out. Please, do not give up in affiliate marketing yet, you just need the right tools and strategy!

Get More Information about Michelle's Course Now

I nearly forgot to mention, if you enroll in the course you will also get access to Michelle’s exclusive Facebook group.

You will be able to ask her anything you want once a week during the “Ask Michelle Day”.

The community is great and I can certainly say that’s the best affiliate marketing Facebook group I know of.

I wish you the best! If you have any strategies that worked for you, please leave a comment and share your experience.


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  1. That is great – I love your post. I also loved Michelles affiliate marketing course and found it to be exceptionally valuable and I am not new to affiliate marketing! Good luck going forward!

  2. Thank you for your tips and encouragement! I am about 1 month into the blogging world and it can feel like an uphill battle to gain any traction with affiliate sales. Your success is motivating and tips very helpful!

    • Aww! Thanks for your kind words. The first month is always the harder but after some time, things start getting better and better.

    • Hi Kristin! I totally agree with your comment. It seems difficult to monetize, but if you one thing at a time, you’ll go forward to the right path. Cheers!

  3. Hello Francisco,

    Well, this is an amazing post about your affiliate incomes in which you have shared the circumstances and the struggle which you has done to achieve this level in affiliate marketing.

    Many thanks for fantastic share Francisco,



  4. It’s a long and tedious battle at times! But, congrats on the INCREASE. Michelle’s course is the truth. You get really good page views. Do you use a schedule?

    • Thank you Belle. This increase is very motivating and last month I went one step further, I hit the $1,400 affiliate income. I can’t be happier, Michelle’s course made the difference.
      I use a schedule for pinning on Pinterest, I use Tailwind. Also, I try to publish 2 articles per week and send 2 email broadcast to my email list.

  5. Hey,that’s really inspirational.Not all are so lucky to see their struggle turning into success.You are indeed the lucky one.I know that couldn’t be possible without immense hard work and correct strategy.Thanks for a good post.

    • Thanks Harry. You are right, I am very lucky that I found Michelle’s course šŸ™‚
      Also, hard work is a must to get results. Success doesn’t happen overnight!

  6. Hi Francisco, I am also taking Michelle’s course in January of this year as I am currently finishing up Elite Blogging now I just need the traffic! I won’t be surprised if I check back and you’re doing $10,000+/month. Good work I am soooo inspired!

    • Hello Jeddi! Elite Blog Academy and Michelle’s course are great resources for somebody who is starting out, good choice!
      I’m not on the $10,000/month yet but working towards that šŸ™‚

  7. I always see posts about this particular course from Michelle… I wish I could afford it. Maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and purchase it. I’m very serious about blogging and I would love to call it my full-time job one day.

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I wish you the best at your blogging adventures!

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