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flexoffers, best affiliate programs, make money from home, affiliate marketing, affiliate networksSince I started publishing my monthly income reports, I’ve been asked multiple times how I make money from blogging.

There are quite a few ways of making money through blogging. As I explained in one of my last articles, Everything You Need To Know About Monetizing Your Blog, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of earning money.

To put it simply, affiliate income is when you link a product that is sold on another site (for example, Amazon). If somebody clicks your link and ends up buying that product from Amazon, you earn a commission on that sale. It’s that simple! You don’t need your own product to make sales.

You can get affiliate links by contacting companies directly or by signing up for an affiliate network like FlexOffers. FlexOffers provide a partnership between publishers and companies to allow publishers the ability to find and join affiliate programs. They have 5,000+ company partners.

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Today, I am sharing how I am making money from one of my top paid affiliate networks, FlexOffers. You can see below a screenshot I took this morning from my FlexOffers dashboard.

As you can see, I have a very high conversion rate and I’ve made over 1,000 sales this year (so far). The trick to get a high conversion rate with FlexOffers is explained below in the “How to get your first $100 with FlexOffers?” section.

Why do I love FlexOffers?

Here is a list of reasons why I love FlexOffers.

  • FlexOffers has thousands of affiliate programs grouped into categories and subcategories. They have 5,000+ companies you can promote their products.
  • For most of the companies, there is no approval process.
  • If you don’t live in the US (like me) you can also get paid via Paypal.
  • I have my own affiliate manager (and you’ll have yours too, for free). This is one of the very best things! My affiliate helps me improve my conversions, fix the issues and bugs on my blog and give me a hand finding new affiliate products to promote. Plus, if I get a few sales for a specific product, he will increase my payout per sale!
  • They have one of the fastest payouts, they pay every month on a NET30. However, the minimum payment is $100. But if you do it well, you’ll get your first $100 in a blink!

Plus, they have a great referral program, FlexRev-$hare (I explain how it works at the end of the post) from which you can make up to a 50% of what your FlexOffer referrals make.

How to join and get approved with FlexOffers?

You can join FlexOffers here. The application process is very easy and it takes ten minutes to complete.

Make sure you provide a detailed information about your site and use real information about you. They will verify that you are real by sending you an email that you’ll need to open and click.

The review process takes between 7 to 10 days. During this time, FlexOffers will review your blog and if there is nothing wrong, you’ll be notified of your approval.

There is no minimum traffic to join FlexOffers, that’s what makes it perfect for new bloggers. Use this link to start your application.

How to get your first $100 with FlexOffers?

The first thing you should do is applying to affiliate programs. This is very easy, you can do it from the Advertisers section.

For most of the advertisers, there is no approval process. You can apply and get the links right away.

My trick is to promote products which are free. They are free products, but you get paid for that. There are many survey sites that pay you for referring people and signing up. Their payouts are not amazing, normally between $1.00 to $5.00, but it’s so easy to get sales and if you make a few of them every month, you will get your first $100 very soon (and you’ll get paid šŸ™‚ )

Once you get your first $100, it’s a matter of scaling it up. Build more traffic, get more sales and make more money.

FlexRev – $hare

The last thing I want to share with you is the FlexRev referral program. For each person you refer to FlexOffers, you will get paid a percentage of what they make every month. The percentage you get paid is based on your average monthly sales.

In my case, I am in the lower tier, my average monthly sales are less than $1,000 and I get paid a 5% of what all my referrals are making every month. Still, 5% is a lot!

The person who referred me to FlexOffers is making around $30 every month (5% of $591.98). Imagine what could happen with 10 referrals like me, or 50, 100 or even more. The limit is the sky!

Skipped to the end? Here’s what you need to know

FlexOffers is a great affiliate network which offers high payouts for thousands of products. It’s great for the personal finance niche, as well as for blogging, family and home. In less than a year I’ve made $3,700+ and I can’t be happier.

Now is your turn to join FlexOffers and start making money from affiliate marketing on your blog!

If you are wondering where did I find out about FlexOffers and how did I manage to make over $1,000/mo from affiliate marketing, my secret is that I enrolled to the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course and I learned everything from it. This course is one of my best investments and it paid for itself in less than a month.

Are you already using FlexOffer to make money? What other affiliate networks do you use? Leave a comment below and let’s start the discussion.

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