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How Did I Save $179.67 in My Car Insurance

January 6, 2016 Francisco Anes 4

In October 2015 I bought my first car, of course, a second-hand car but in a really good condition, a Renault Megane 1.4 Petrol. The purchase was a bargain, I only paid $2,175 (£1,450) for it and it was coming with the Full-Service History and the MOT just passed a few days ago. I and my wife were so happy about it until we realised that every single car needs a Car Insurance. We never though how expensive it could be for starters and even more for a foreigner. I’m from Spain and my wife Read more […]


10 Tips to Save Money and Increase Your Savings in a 30%

January 5, 2016 Francisco Anes 0

Saving is hard and sometimes can become a headache. Time ago I was struggling with how to save money. I wanted to buy a car, move to a bigger house and travel around the world; the only problem is that if I wanted to do all those things I wouldn’t be able to save much. In this post, you will read my top 10 strategies which help me to increase my savings in a 30% and allow me to do all those things I wanted in my life. #1 List your expenses during one month. Saving money is not as hard as Read more […]

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