7 Easy Steps To Write Killer Content


How To Write Killer Content, How To Create Killer ContentSo, you want to write a piece of killer content for your blog, website, or generally just because?

Great idea!

You have an idea, but do you know how to translate that idea into content that blows the socks off the reader? Anyone can write content, it’s not that difficult after all, but not everybody can write killer content.

This is the type of content that makes people sit up and take notice, that prompts people to think and learn more, and maybe even gets other people to follow you as a result of word of mouth.

Quality content is the most important asset for any website, whether it’s a blog or a large company site. If you want to grow your brand, you need to build and establish authority in your niche, and one great way is by creating quality content.

To improve your authority, your audience needs to see you as an expert in your field, otherwise, they may not take you seriously and will move on. 

The good news is that you can learn how to take your writing from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ with just a few tips.

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1 – Take Your Time, Don’t Rush

Killer content is not written in a rush. You need to give yourself the time to think, create, check, make changes, and check again. If you rush yourself you’re going to make mistakes and the whole thing will be a waste of time.

If you feel stuck writing, don’t force it. Take a breath, have a cuppa, walk in the garden, and clear your mind. Killer content flows, it’s never forced.

If you have a deadline, make sure you start working on the piece well before the deadline is due. If you are simply writing without a deadline, you have a little more freedom, but that doesn’t mean you can leave everything to the last minute.

Let it flow, check things over, and make changes as you see fit. Never rush!

2 – Brainstorm your Ideas And Outline the Main Points

What are you trying to say? It’s easy to write and write and never actually get to the point of the conversation. That does not make killer content.

Sit down and brainstorm the main ideas you have for the piece. Then, once you’ve emptied your mind, create a loose outline which allows you to get the main points in there and arrive at a conclusion.

If the title of the piece is a question, always make sure that you actually answer that question early on in the piece and then explain your reasons why. You should then sum up at the end. Vague, rambling writing does not equal killer content.

3 – Allow Yourself to Freestyle Outside of The Main Points

The best content is relatable and has personality.

Yes, you need an outline to make sure that you hit the main points you need to include and answer any questions that need answering, but you also need to engage your audience too.

Freestyling means you’re explaining a point in your own words, helping the reader to understand and have that lightbulb ‘wow’ moment.

4 – Include Examples to Make The Piece Relatable

Make sure that you include real-life examples in your writing. This helps the reader to connect with it and understand it in more detail.

As before, good quality writing is relatable, so make sure you choose examples that are common in every day life and not something which the reader may never have encountered.

Some of the best comedians use commonly encountered real-life examples in their jokes, because people nod along and say “that happened to me”.

It helps them ‘get’ the joke. Whilst you’re not trying to tell jokes, the same thing works – examples help people say “ah, I get it”. Don’t litter your piece with too many examples, but a few carefully placed here and there is enough.

5 – Consider Writing in The First Person

This may not work for every piece of writing; it depends on the subject and the reader, but if you can, try and write in the first person. This means using “I”, e.g. “I think”.

This helps you to connect with the reader, and they will feel like you’re speaking directly to them. This can add real character and depth to your writing, allowing readers to connect with you on a personal level.

6 – Ask Questions And Explore, Don’t Just Lecture

When you’re giving your points to an argument it’s easy to simply state them and lecture, but that doesn’t hold the attention of a reader.

If you want to write killer content you need to explore the idea, argument or subject, and ask questions for the reader. This helps them to explore for themselves and come up with their own opinion.

Writing killer content isn’t just about giving someone something to read, it’s about giving them something to think about too.

The best pieces ever written caused people to stop and think. That’s what you’re aiming for.

7 – Edit, Edit, And Edit Some More!

Killer content is accurate content. Once you’ve finished writing and you’re happy with the content itself, you need to read it over and check for flow. Then, you need to do a thorough spell check, and then check for grammar. You can use Grammarly for this, as it saves a lot of time and gives you super-accurate feedback.

A killer piece of writing can be downgraded to ‘average’ or even worse when it is littered with grammatical errors and too long sentences. Hemingway is another good tool to use as this identifies difficult to read sentences. As a result, you can change them to make them more understandable to the reader.


Make Sure Your Killer Content Is Recognized

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Wrapping Up – How To Write Killer Content?

These 7 steps will help you to write top quality content, but it’s worth mentioning one thing. Yes, there are some very talented writers out there, but you don’t have to be super-talented in the writing niche to create a killer piece.

All you need to do is write from the heart. This means finding a subject that you’re passionate about and as a result, that passion will translate to the reader.

Sure, writing talent helps but not everyone is born with it. The good news is you can develop it over time and there are some great quality tools out there to give you the edge.

Always check for accuracy whenever you add a citation or a fact, and at the end, proofread the life out of it before sending it or publishing it – don’t forget using Grammarly! That way, you catch any errors ahead of time and right any wrongs.

Are you writing killer content already? Do you have any other tips to share?

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