50 Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager


Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager, how to make money as a teenager, things to sell to make moneyIt’s always useful to have a little money in your pocket, no matter what’s your age.

As a teenager, there are clothes to buy, music to download, movies to be seen, and of course, parties to attend. All of these things cost money and perhaps you don’t want to keep asking your parents for hand-outs!

The good news is that there are many ways to make money as a teenager which don’t have to interfere with your studies and most of them can actually be fun too.

Whether you want to earn some money to fund your social life or you’re starting to save up for something big, perhaps driving lessons, let’s check out how to make money as a teenager, with 50 of the best and proven ways.

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Shall we get started?

How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job

You don’t necessarily need a job to make money as a teenager. There are many side hustles you can try with the flexibility of doing it when you actually have time.

Weekends? Evenings after school? Holidays? You choose your schedule.

And the best is that most of them can be started as soon as you become 13. 

How to Make Money When You’re 13

As an early teen, trying to make money as a side hustle, you might face quite a few restrictions. You can’t drive and you can’t land a contract job. However, you can still make money if you are keen to work hard and explore different options.

Get Paid For Household Chores

Are your parents willing to pay you a little for chores every week? If so, get negotiating! The bigger the chore, the more money you need to ask for and of course, your parents are going to be very pleased that they don’t have to be the ones doing the cleaning up, the gardening, or washing the car!

Wash Cars For The Neighbourhood

There are bound to be people within your neighborhood who would love to have their cars cleaned on a regular basis, so they don’t have to do it themselves! In that case, roll up your sleeves, get busy and charge for your services. Make sure that you set a fair price, but the larger the vehicle, the more you charge.

Pet Walking or Pet Sitting

If you love animals, why not offer your services as a pet walker? All you need to do is take Rex or Mylo (or whatever they choose to call their pets) on a good walk every day and you get paid for the pleasure of being outside with a new furry friend. Provided the pets are socialized with others, you can take more than one out at a time and basically earn twice, thrice, or maybe even more for one set of time.

You could also look into pet sitting if you have time. This could be over the weekends when you drop in to look after an animal, take them for a walk, make sure they’re fed and watered etc, and basically spend a bit of time with them until their owners return.

A Newspaper Round

If you have a local news agency that wants someone to take print newspapers around the houses to those who order them, why not offer your services? You get some exercise either on foot or by bicycle and you get paid for it too. You’re not likely to make a fortune doing this, but it’s one of the ways to make money as a teenager at least.

General Garden Maintenance

Whether it be mowing the lawns, doing some weeding, trimming the hedges, or raking up the leaves that have fallen, you can offer your services in the gardening niche and earn some extra cash. You get to spend time outside, pass the time and your neighbors get their gardens done without any of their own efforts. It’s a win-win!

How to Make Money When You’re 14

Here is when things start to become interesting, being 14 you can legally work in the USA in most of the states. There are some entry level jobs that hire 14 years old – barista, camp counselor, cashier, grocery bagger, ice cream scooper and kitchen porter are some ideas to start with. If you are don’t want to get an entry level job, then you might also want to try the ideas below.

I always recommend checking the child labor laws in your state to know the limit of hours you can work while you are still going to school

Work on Voice Overs

You don’t have to be over 21 to be a voice over actor; many TV studios, movie studios, radio stations,and even bloggers want a youthful voice to record their sketches and their adverts. Why not offer your services? Send out some emails and explain your interest – you never know where it might lead.

Be a Golf Caddy

If you have a large golf course close to your home, you could spend your weekends working as a golf caddy and earn some extra cash whilst being out in the fresh air. It’s even better if you love golf, as you’ll get to be around your favorite sport at the same time.

Offer Music Lessons

If you’re talented at a particular musical instrument, why not become a music teacher? Music is something everyone wants to learn more about and you might find that you can earn a good hourly amount for teaching the guitar, the violin, the piano, etc.

House Cleaning Services

Grab some marigolds and cleaning spray and offer to clean houses! We talked earlier about doing chores for your parents but this is taking the same idea a little further and offering your cleaning services for anyone who wants them. Advertise on social media, via word of mouth, or put a card up in your local store.

Picking Fruit in The Summer

Learning how to make money as a teenager might revolve around seasonal work and in that case, summer fruit picking is a good option. Strawberries, blueberries, all manner of different types of fruit are picked during the summer and shipped off to supermarkets and grocery stores around the country, or even internationally depending upon the fruit. Look for advertisements for fruit pickers or simply reach out to local farms who might be looking for help.

How to Make Money When You’re 15

The money making options open up for teenagers at 15. It’s true that you won’t be able to start a full-time job yet, but you can continue working for part-time jobs or start a small online business that can grow in the future – that’s how many large corporations actually started. You can also try:

House Sitting

If you’re responsible and an older teenager, you may find that people will pay you to look after their house whilst they’re away on holiday. This is a great way to get a little personal space for a few days and get paid for the pleasure!

Teach a Foreign Language

Much of the time, in order to teach a foreign language you only need to be a native speaker. Sure, if you’re going to do this professionally you’re going to need training but on an informal basis, you can offer your services to those who don’t have your language as their first and help them to improve. You can even do this online!

Help on a Farm

If you don’t mind a little hard work, you could offer your services as a farm hand during particularly busy seasons, such as harvesting and planting seasons. Of course, farms need help all the time but these are the busier times when you’re more likely to find a farmer who will pay you for the pleasure of doing some hard work in the open air!

Become a Reseller

There are ways to actually paid to shop and then make a profit – it’s called reselling. You would look for bargains, e.g. on flea markets, garage sales, car boots, charity stores, buy items which you know are in demand and then you would sell them on for a profit on what you paid. You can use eBay to sell the items on, Amazon, or social media sites like Facebook Marketplace.

Tutoring in a Subject You’re Good at

Are you great at maths? Do you excel in English? Are you a science nut? Whatever your pro subject is, why not offer to tutor local students who need a little extra help? Set your price by the hour and then post your services on social media and in local stores. You could even send a flyer to a local school and ask them to put it up on the wall.

How To Make Money as a Teenager Online

Now with the internet, it’s easier to make money without going out, especially for teenagers, you just need a laptop or a tablet. Some of these ideas can be even done on your phone.

Sell Your Photographs

Everyone does to snap away on their smartphone, but if you’re particularly talented at snapping that perfect shot, why not sell your photos to a stock photography site? You will give up your ownership of the photos you sell but you will get paid a little for every photo you sell on. The more you take, the more you can sell.

Get Paid to Take Surveys

You can easily sit at home during the evening with your laptop on your knee and get paid for taking surveys. You’re going to need to do a lot to make much cash but it’s a good way to build up some extra money over time and it requires very little effort. Some survey sites have minimum age limits but most accept 13 years old and upwards.

Some of the survey companies I recommend are Qmee, Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion and Prize Rebel

For more survey sites, you can read 7 Survey Sites To Make Extra Money from Home.

Try Vlogging

It will take time to build up a faithful following, but you can get paid on YouTube by becoming a vlogger! This is one of the ways to make money as a teenager which is great fun and could lead to a personal passion of yours, if you want to keep building it up to a real money making scheme over time. Choose a niche, record regular videos with great content and share, share, share!


Make Money Proofreading

Why not offer your services as an online proofreader? You will probably need to sign up with an online freelancing site, such as Upwork, but you can easily offer your services if you’re a native English speaker (or another language if the work is in that language) and you have a good eye for grammar, spelling, and flow. You’ll earn money by the hour or you can negotiate per job.

Make Craft Items And Sell Them on Etsy

If you’re a crafty type of person why not sell whatever you make? This could be pottery, clothes, jewelry, trinkets, ornaments, even furniture. Anything craft-related you can sell on your own Etsy store and this is one of the best ways to make money as a teenager whilst doing something you enjoy.

How to Start Money Making Blog As a Teenager

If you have a business-driven mindset, then blogging could be for you. You’ll need a little time to build up a following on your blog, but you will be able to make some initial money on your first month. The earlier you start with your blog, the quicker you’ll see results, but it can take a few years to bring it to the six figures level. I wish I started this blog earlier!

How Does a Blog Make Money for Teenagers?

There are hundreds of ways to make money with a blog, but they always fall within one of these categories:

Advertisement. To put it simple, you get paid every time somebody visits your blog if you display ads – this blog is using ads as a way to make money. If you are starting out, you can try first Google Adsense as your ad network and then move into better paid networks like Monumetric (required 10k pageviews) or Madiavine (25k pageviews).

Affiliate marketing. You can earn a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products – this blog also makes money from affiliate marketing. When one of your followers clicks on that link and buys the product, you’ll get some commission every single time. You can promote any affiliate products from places like FlexOffersShareASale and ClickBank. Also, you can promote products directly from the seller, but make sure you promote products that you’ve used before.

Selling your own products. eBooks, courses, and apparel are some ideas of things you can sell.

I recommend you to start your own blog as soon as possible, so you can start making money online from today – if you’re ready for the challenge, join my free course below.

How To Make Money As a Teenager With Demanded Skills

There are many demanded skills that you can exploit to make money as a teenager. You don’t need to be an expert to land a job, most of the time busy people need to some with things they can do themselves but have no time. Take the opportunity of this.

Edit Videos For Busy YouTubers/Vloggers

Some of the most successful YouTubers/vloggers just don’t have the time to edit their videos before posting them, and that’s where you come in. If you’re technically minded, you could offer to edit their videos for them, for a fee. They save time, you get paid.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Basically, you can get paid to play on Pinterest; create pins, write pin descriptions, schedule pins, and apply to group boards.

In this course, Gina and Kristin explain each of the areas to start a career as a Virtual Assistant. There is a waiting list you can join and they’ll notify you when it’s open for enrolment. But in the meantime, you can do their free course.

Digitalise Old Photos

Many people have photos that they want to keep in digital form, saving physical space, and keeping them safe over the long-term. Photos are our memories and this is a service you can offer to help people keep their snaps safe and sound over the years. Again, you need to be tech-minded but it’s not hard to learn.

Teach Computer Skills to the Elderly People

We live in a digital age and that means that whether you know anything about computers or not, you need to learn. Some of the older generations don’t have the same grasp on computers that the younger generations do, and in that case why not use your skills and teach them the basics?

How to Make Money Fast as a Kid

There are times that you’ll need quick money for something unexpectedly coming up. These ideas can give you money in less than 24 hours – ideal to buy that outfit that just went on sale.

Have Regular Garage Sales

Do you have a lot of junk in your house and your parents are always complaining about it? Why not have regular garage sales? It’s a good way to declutter the house and make some extra cash, and because you’re the one organizing it, you get the bigger cut of the cash!

Bake Delicious Cakes For Local Restaurants

If you love baking and you regularly create delicious treats, why not sell them to local restaurants? All you need to do is pop in and talk to the owner first and come to an understanding, and then supply the restaurant with the set number of cakes they want per week, or maybe even per day. It’s perfect for busy coffee-shops, everybody loves a perfectly hand-made cake with their coffee.

Become a Local Window Washer

Window cleaners are expensive, so why not offer your services at a cut price? You can work your way around the neighborhood washing windows and earning cash for it. You’ll need supplies, obviously, but these are probably things you already have in your garage.

More Ways On How To Make Money as a Teenager

If you are looking for even more ideas to make money as a teenager, I’ve listed a few extra below. The opportunities are endless, you’ll only need to be willing to trade some of your spare time to convert it into real money.

  • Grow vegetables and sell them in the organic market
  • Bake sales
  • Host a raffle
  • Help your parents set up an Airbnb business and get a commission
  • Pull weeds
  • Use cashback sites like Rakuten when you purchase online
  • Sponsored posts with Instagram
  • Review products online – businesses want feedback and will pay you for reviewing their products
  • Handyman

Things To Sell To Make Money as a Teenager

Selling crafts and things you no longer use is a great – and quick – way to make money. Your old junk can be a new treasure for others; clothes, books, and decoration are some examples. For more ideas, I’ve put a list below:

  • Childhood toys
  • Christmas decorations
  • Hand-made soap
  • Printables
  • Old mobile phones
  • Make-up and beauty samples
  • Sell your own T-Shirts with Redbubble
  • Planners
  • Old DVDs and games
  • Art/crafts
  • Custom cards

The Last Thing to Know About How to Make Money as a Teenager

Don’t feel discouraged by your age when you can’t get a traditional job yet. You can make money even if you are 13, the options are endless. The internet offers many good choices to start from the comfort of your bedroom, even if you are grounded! But if you are more an outdoors type of person, you can sell your services in your neighborhood, local shops, and by selling things.

One of the best choices to start as a teenager is creating your own blog. It won’t make you rich instantly but if you work consistently on it, you can make even more than many adults.

There are many ways to make money as a teenager, and most of them don’t involve endless hours or a huge amount of hard work. If you want to spend your time lining your bank account it’s totally possible to do – you just need to think outside the box and offer your services to those who need them.

Do you make money as a teenager already? What are you planning to try out from this list? Let me know in the comments section!

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