4 steps to break out your comfort zone


There is no room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone; in fact, over time you may feel overwhelmed and trapped by boredom and fear.

Maybe it’s time to expand a little bit those limits! You will not only be able to make your life more exciting but also increase confidence in yourself and improve your luck and determination.

get out of your comfort zoneDon’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself as a learning process

One of the reasons why many times we shrink back or say things is because we are afraid of what people might think.

After all, nobody wants that other people think it’s weird or nasty or rude or vulgar, isn’t it true that you don’t want them to think this of you?

But wait – think about the loveliest people and with more magnetism with whom you’ve crossed in your life. Most likely, they were not the kind of humble and nice people with whom you feel good. Sure they were the type of people who are a little crazy and charming.

People who occasionally say nonsense or stupid things, even inappropriate things, or who have made immense and incredible mistakes, or they were always on the top, but others are forgiven for not being perfect, and actually like them to be so.

So forget about the concern of what people think of you.  You should accept that you are allowed not to be perfect, and you will find that there are people who will like you more for it because it makes you a more exciting person.

Let friends laugh at your stuff and laugh with them. Do something you normally would not do for fear of being seen as an idiot. Act like an idiot (not an ashole). You’ll be fine.


Face your fears

There are great fears, such as heights, spiders, closed spaces, and germs, but there are hundreds of subtle fears we face every day. For example, fear of breaking a bone, falling, or getting caught in the rain.

What kind of precautions do you take every day to avoid “negative” circumstances? And does it really worth trying to avoid all those circumstances?

These steps are complicating your life! It’s good to be proactive, but it’s wrong to spend a significant part of your life trying to avoid things that never happened.

Little things can give a sense of adventure or become that funny story if you allow yourself to deal with a little bit of discomfort.


Feel comfortable with taking risks

Your comfort zone is convenient because it is where you know what to expect. Venture could give you fear because you might fail, you might miss something.

But you could also win something, right? In order to feel comfortable with that uncertainty, you need to work the following:

  • No “riders”. When you decide to do something, do it for the action itself, not for you to get a particular result. If you bet , bet money you do not have to necessarily recover; bet for the fun and euphoria of betting. If you win, then your victory is the icing on the cake! But if you lose, don’t make a drama!  At the end, you knew you could lose. In other words, learn to enjoy things for the sake of doing them, not because of possible outcomes. Enjoy the moment!
  • Acceptance. When things aren’t as you wanted to be, and certainly it will happen more than once in your life, don’t give it importance. If you are holding your comfort zone, you are sticking to the idea that the world is a place that is supposed to be secure and predictable, and that’s an illusion. If you adopt that attitude, the only thing you will achieve is frustration and disappointment. Open your eyes. The world is a dynamic place where things are sometimes good and sometimes bad. This is how it works!


Enjoy the unknown

When was the last time you felt excited for not knowing what was going to happen next? If you are very comfortable in your comfort zone, perhaps it was a long time ago. Don’t you miss it? Don’t you miss the mixture of anticipation and excitement that makes your heart accelerate and your stomach jump around? Bring your life back to that feeling.

expand your comfort zone


Find and go out with somebody a little crazy. When you find that person who brings the adventurous side of you, he/she will help you develop yourself tremendously.

These people may be easy to detect and you will find them with no doubt, for example, go to the forest to camp a few miles away from home with just a camera, a tent and food.

Spontaneity is a fabulous contrast to someone like you who may not feel comfortable or familiar with breaking out the comfort zone.



Don’t mistake breaking out your comfort zone with being reckless and stupid.  There is a difference between being reckless and accepting risks.

Reckless people don’t accept risks – because they don’t even think about them. You must know the risks, and decide that if you go ahead with the decision, you are ready and willing to accept the consequences if things don’t work out.



  1. I guess the majority of failures are people who think the world is, what people will think on whatever they do.. So I like the point where you said that forget what people think about you and you will be fine.

    However as far as risks are concerned, I do second on you that too but i believe more on calculated and wise risks rather then going for blink risks.

    Anyway it was a pleasure read, well written!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I recently started my blog which is a little different than most. I believe I have something important to add to the lives of others. It is my hope to encourage and inspire others as they live their lives. Thanks for reminding me that sometimes leaders have to take the solitary trail at first….

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