28 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020


Each day, more than 185,000 blogs are created. That’s 130 blogs every minute. With these big numbers created every day, I’m sure you might be wondering “Should I also start a blog?”

Of course, I think you should!

Reading: Step by step guide to starting your own blog.

I’ve lived for 29 years, and during my short life, I’ve started and dropped a lot of hobbies.

I’ve studied engineering and mechanics. I’ve been an enthusiast of skating and basketball. I’ve spent a lot of time playing games and learning computer programming. I’ve worked a lot in paintings and drawing (and I’ve won some awards). I’ve even created my own orchard.

However, none of them has given me as much freedom and fulfillment and helped me to grow as a person as blogging.

I’m a big fan of blogging. Here is a list containing 28 reasons why you should start blogging.

1. It Helps You Learn New Stuff

If you never did blogging before and you start now, you will learn new things. Blogging is about sharing what you want with the rest of the world.

It’s about learning and teaching what you want to know.

When you start a blog, there any many things you will like to learn and these will be skills that you’ll develop over time.

2. It Improves Your Confidence

I used to be a very shy and timid person. After I started blogging, all changed.

Since I started blogging I learned how to share my opinion with the rest of the world. I admitted my mistakes and felt proud of my successes.

Blog commenting also helped me to build new relationships and why not? Some new friends!

3. It Helps You Write Better

Many things have helped my writing over the years: reading books, writing papers, reviewing other people’s work, etc. But none of them has helped me so much as blogging.

The reason behind this is because blogging keeps you practicing constantly and that’s the trick to master writing.

If I stay for a couple of weeks without blogging, when I’m back I can feel the difference.

4. It Can Make You Money

Making a decent income from your blog is possible once you have a few posts. There are many blogs making thousands of dollars every month.

What about me? I’m not a millionaire but I’ve made a few thousand from blogging during the last few months. And the best is that I’ve done that while having a lot of time for my family and travelling.

You can check my income reports to see how much (and how) I made over the last months.


5. It Makes You a Better Person

Blogging improves your communication skills as well as writing skills.

Since I started blogging, I think more intentionally about who I am and who I want to become. It helps me set goals and achieve them.

Also, when you apply for a new job, many companies look for employees who have blogs and share their life and opinion.

6. It Lets You Have the Kind of Life You Always Wanted

Before I started blogging I used to have a 9 to 5 job which allowed my family to have a decent life. One year ago I started blogging, since then my life has changed dramatically

One year ago I started blogging, since then my life has changed dramatically. Believe or not, now I have more free time (and also more money coming from the blog). This allowed me to do everything I always wanted to do.

My great passion is travelling and over the last year, I’ve been to Abu Dhabi, Mexico, China and many countries in Europe.

7. Is Pretty Easy

Yes. Blogging is actually very-very easy. The only “less easy” part is setting it up but I’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to do it in less than 10 minutes.

If you know how to use a smartphone, then you are also able to create a blog.

I use WordPress so I don’t need to deal with any HTML code that is something boring.

Blogging is very easy, but it requires a lot of effort if you want to make a living out of it. What I mean is that learning the basic skills is actually very simple, but it’s the hard work that takes most of the time.

why to start a blog, blogging from home, get the best out of you, reach financial freedom8. It Makes You Think Smarter

The ability to think clearly and create ideas is one of the most difficult skills to achieve and is one of the things you don’t learn in school.

Blogging helps you think smarter.

It will teach you how to reflect and meditate on your life, your relationships and family. It will allow you to appreciate what you have and how to get what you don’t have just yet.

9. It Can Help You Donate To Good Causes

Bringing drinkable water to poor people and building schools for kids with disabilities are some examples of causes that blogging can help you out.

Since September 2016, I donate 10% of my blogging income to different charities to help out building schools for people with disabilities.

Other bloggers do similar things and trust me, it feels great when you help out people just by doing blogging.

10. It Gets The Best Out Of You

I’m always honest with my readers and I don’t hold any information for myself. I try to be transparent and sometimes that put me on that uncomfortable spot in where I need to give the best out of me.

An example is my monthly income reports series. Every month I share how much I make from blogging and my visitors can read it.

Month after month I try to improve my numbers because I don’t want to disappoint my readers. That’s why it gets the best out of me!

11. It Lets You Help Other People

Do you want to help people to improve their cooking skills? Start a blog. Do you want to teach people how to live on a budget? Start a blog. Do you want to share how you plan your trips and where you have been? Start a blog.

If you want to help other people in any field, blogging is probably the best way to do it. Why? Because everybody in the world will be able to read it.

12. It Does Not Require Prior Knowledge

With my step-by-step guide on how to start your blog, you can have your own blog running in less than 10 minutes.

This guide has helped hundreds of people without prior knowledge on creating their own blogs easily. Anyone can start a new blog because it’s not difficult at all.

13. It Gets You Freelance Work

If there’s a subject you are good at or you want to share with the rest of the world, blogging is your thing. Your blog can lead you to freelance work.

If people like what you write, they will contact you to help them with their projects.

Every week I receive emails and comments from people asking me about topics I write and some of them lead me to freelance work.

I’m not the only one, many other bloggers have done the same and they are paid ridiculous amounts of money for it.

14. It Helps You Get a Job

Every time I  tell about my blog in a job interview, the interviews are impressed. Having a blog shows that you are self-motivated and you are willing to learn more and more.

Also, being an autodidact is more important every day and companies consider it. Blogging shows that you can teach yourself new skills without the need for expensive courses and training.

15. It Makes You Happy

In my opinion, the feeling of being recognized and helping people achieve their goals gives me happiness. I’m sure you too.

Since I started blogging, I share my knowledge with my readers and they learn by reading some of my posts. Every time I receive a comment or email thanking me, I feel very happy.

It’s an amazing feeling that cannot be purchased with money.

16. It Breaks Out Your Comfort Zone

There is no room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone; in fact, over time you may feel overwhelmed and trapped by boredom and fear.

Maybe it’s time to expand a little bit those limits! By blogging you will not only be able to make your life more exciting but also increase confidence in yourself and improve your luck and determination.

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pinterest-28-reasons-why-you-should-start-blogging-in-2017-117. It Lets You Meet New People

Blogging helps you meet and make new friends from all over the globe. I’ve come to make friends with bloggers I follow and admire.

Behind every single comment, there is a real person who puts a bit of effort in commenting for you. You can engage with them and create new relationships.

Since I started blogging my friend circle has expanded a lot, and now no matter where I travel I have a friend there to welcome me.

18. It Gives You Freedom

Blogging gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. You can do it at any time of the day as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

Does it get any better? Yes, you can do it on things you actually like!

It can give you the freedom to do any other things you like and to spend time with your family at any time you want.

Also, it gives me the freedom to travel at any time of the year to places I always wanted to visit.

19. It Is Affordable

Anybody can start a blog for cheap (or even for free). But if you want to take blogging seriously you can be self-hosted, which is affordable for almost anyone.

The price you’ll pay for a hosting package and domain name is less than a dinner for two in a restaurant. For less than $70, you can get started and have your blog running in less than 10 minutes.

20. It Can Change Your Life

I can’t say my life before blogging was boring, but it’s true that since last year (when I created my blog) my life is more active and exciting.

Blogging has changed my point of view on many things. Now I’m more practical and I enjoy every single minute of the day.

I can’t explain how or why, but blogging has changed my life. Perhaps is because now I also generate passive income which allows me to be able to do more new stuff.

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21. It Makes You More Productive

I’ll be honest with you, before starting blogging I already was productive. However, blogging has helped me to be even more productive.

It taught me how to prioritize tasks and to learn what is relevant and worth the time and effort.

Now I schedule everything and I keep track of what I achieve and what I don’t month after month.

22. It Can Be Done From Anywhere

Does it need more explanation? This is one of my favorites. At the very moment I’m writing this post I’m in China traveling.

It’s great to do blogging from anywhere, I just need a laptop and an internet connection.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can work offline and then update everything when you connect later on.

23. It Can Make You Quit Your Job

There are many bloggers out there who quit their jobs because of blogging. For example, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents quit her job a couple of years ago and now she is making over $100,000/month from blogging. She is living in an RV traveling around the world.

It didn’t make me quit my job yet but I’m getting closer. Now I’m making nearly $1,000/month and it’s getting exciting!


24. It Allows You Travel As Much As You Want

Did I say it before? Yes, but I love travelling and blogging allow me to do it as much as I want.

Since I can do blogging from anywhere and it gives me extra income every month I have the perfect combo to travel. I visit 4-5 new countries every year, and all is thanks to blogging!

25. It Can Introduce You to Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers promote products and make extra money from affiliate programs. They provide value to their readers and then get some money back, it’s a win-win situation.

I also promote products I’ve used before and I’m happy with.

Blogging has introduced me to affiliate marketing and now it feels great to receive extra cash every month.

26. It Can Complement Your Daily Job

Do you need extra income? Blogging can complement your daily job.

Some people make a living from blogging, but in my case, it complements my job.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to do blogging as a part-time or not, the answer is yes. You can read this post to learn a little bit more.

27. It Gives You Valuable New Skills

A year ago, when I started blogging, I didn’t know a thing about hosting, domain names, social media, SEO, web design, etc.

With my blog, I instinctively started learning about a lot of things and it only took a few weeks. Every month I learn more and more, and you know what? They are really valuable skills.

I use them now also on my daily job so my boss is happy I’m self-motivated and learn new things on my own.

28. It Helps Increasing Your Savings

Blogging can help to increase your savings. It is a cheap hobby and it can bring you money too.

Currently, I’m saving to buy my first house. Since I started my blog, I save $600-$800 more every month, that makes more than $8,000 per year.

Now the dream of buying a new house is getting closer and closer thanks to blogging.

Start Doing Something Amazing

If any of these reasons make sense for you, it’s time to start your own blog.

Go start your own blog right now.

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