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How to Save Between $5,000 and $10,000 a Year by Making a Few Changes

May 30, 2020 Francisco Anes 0

If you’re like most people, then you probably have trouble saving money. Like the rest of the world, you get up every morning, punch your alarm clock (that’s my specialty!), and head to work with the sole mission of paying your bills at the end of the month. But if you have enough motivation to cut back on your spending habits, you might be able to build a financial nest egg for your future. In fact, even with an average yearly salary, you can easily save between $5,000 and $10,000 a year. You Read more […]

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How To Make $1000 Fast: 7 Genius Ideas To Make Money

May 25, 2020 Francisco Anes 0

Want to make some extra money quickly? You’d be thinking that’s nearly impossible but it’s far from it. In this article, you’ll go through some strategies on how to make $1000 fast. You won’t get rich with these strategies – well, there is one of them that actually can make you rich – but you’ll be able to start earning money from today. Whether if it’s for an unexpected situation or just to build up your emergency fund, this article will give you some ideas to start digging in. The Read more […]

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Easy Ways to Make Money Online During Crisis – 10 Smart Ideas

May 24, 2020 Francisco Anes 0

What are you about to read? In this article you’ll find 10 easy ways to make money online. I included the keypoints and tools you need for each of them. Why do you need these 10 easy ways to make money online? For a lot of people, gig economy has been a lifesaver. If you suddenly found yourself in between jobs, or in desperate need of some extra cash, you could’ve easily tried driving for Uber or delivering food on your bicycle for Uber Eats.  Unfortunately, the current global pandemic Read more […]

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10 Best Personal Finance Tips I’ve Received (And I’ll Never Forget)

May 21, 2020 Francisco Anes 0

When it comes to money, being savvy pays in more than one way. There are countless things in life that can easily drain your cash flow if you allow it to, and sometimes you might not even be aware of it happening. Whilst money isn’t everything (that’s for sure), it does help when it comes to living a comfortable life, and of course, in keeping a roof over your head! Personal finance is a subject that is quite far-reaching, and there are more facets to it than most people allow themselves Read more […]

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How to Set Your Goals to Relaunch Your Blog – 7 Question To Ask Yourself

May 18, 2020 Francisco Anes 0

Time ago you stopped blogging and don’t even remember why. After a long holiday, you come back home and don’t feel like updating the blog for the first couple of days. You changed your routine and find hard to start writing a new blog post (can’t find the inspiration right?) Without even realizing, the time passes by and what was days it’s now weeks and months… you did it! You let it go 🙁 But let’s not dig into the reasons, life is busy and things happen. What really matters is that Read more […]