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how-to-start-a-money-making-blogToday, you will learn how easy is creating your own blog from scratch. Since I started blogging, my life has changed and I make hundreds of dollars a month, just by doing what I like. On top of that, you can start your own money-making blog with few dollars a month!

In the guide, I have included a discounted price with Bluehost so that you can start a blog very cheap. A free blog domain will also be included through my link too. I’m not sure how long these low prices will last so act quickly!

Click here to start your blog on WordPress, afterwards follow the tutorial below with only a few steps.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can choose Bluehost for your WordPress blog. Bluehost is cheap and is a great web host with zero downtimes (based on my experience).

Blogging As Life-Style

Blogging is one of the best things has happened to me. Just by following my income reports, is easy to tell that is life changing, plus, I now make over $1,100 a month from my blog. Now I have the money I need to do what I like the most, travelling. I’ve been in Mexico, Abu Dhabi, China and most of the countries in Europe. My life has improved to limits I couldn’t imagine just in less than one year.

Anybody can make money with a blog, and in my case, I was able to make enough money to pay back the blog hosting very quickly. It worths to pay for a blog hosting. I’m sure you will cover your host expenses in very little time as well.

In 2017, Bluehost is one of the top web hosting providers and it received many awards for it. You can start your own personal blog with Bluehost for as low as $3.95 per month (this price is a special discount following my link!). You will receive a free domain for free if you sign up using my link (for plans including 12 months or longer).

My recommendation is to sign up for the 12 months plan. It’s cheap and you save a lot of money by signing up for 12 months. There are no contracts, so you can cancel anytime and receive your money back without giving any explanation.

Perhaps you are thinking in start your blog in other hosts for a little cheaper. Don’t do it! There are many reasons about why companies like Blogger are a bad choice.

Why You Should Not Start Your Blog On A Free Platform

Bluehost allows you to run any kind of advertisement, affiliate links, e-commerce store, direct advertisement, etc. Blogger and Blogspot have many restrictions and advertisement/affiliate programs will reject your blog as a partnership. Bluehost is a professional platform made for professionals, it’s very cheap and you never have any of these problems.

There are so many good reasons about why you may want to choose Bluehost your WordPress blog. I honestly think they are one of the best web hosting companies. There is a reason why many good bloggers are using Bluehost.

  • Easy and intuitive. Any person can create a WordPress blog in few minutes with my tutorial. It’s fully integrated with WordPress.
  • You obtain a free domain for 12 months.
  • It’s very cheap, even cheaper if you use my discount link, you will get a price of $3.95 per month.
  • You don’t need to pay for WordPress.
  • Bluehost offers a cancellation policy so if you are not convinced or you just signed up by error, you can receive your money back.
  • It’s one of the best options if what you want is to make money with your blog because it’s self-hosted.
  • Bluehost is a professional platform and your readers will notice that.

If now you are ready to start your blog with Bluehost and start a blog with WordPress, continue below. If during the process you get stuck, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

Creating Your Own Blog: Step By Step

If you are planning to start your own blog then you’re in the right place because I have described to the detail every step I followed to set up Passive Income Wise. It’s very easy and it can be done in just a few minutes.

One thing you need to be aware is that blogging is not for everybody, you need to have a passion or hobby for what you want your blog to be about. I created this blog because I’m passionate about Passive Income and its strategies and I want to keep track of my passive income accounts. On this way, I will feel more motivated to keep working on what I’m doing and hopefully one day I will generate enough passive income from blogging to quit my actual job.

Basically, start a blog can be resumed in the 3 following broad steps:

1) Select a domain name and register it.

Choosing your domain name should be an easy step if you know what your blog is going to be about. There are 2 ways to proceed here which I will explain in a bit.

The first way to proceed is to register your domain where you purchase your hosting package. This is the easiest and fastest way to proceed and it’s the one I chose to set up this blog. The second way to proceed would be to purchase your domain name separately from your hosting package, which some people would say gives an extra security layer, however, it can make the process a little bit longer.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend to keep things as easy as possible and be smart using the free domain name offered by Bluehost.

create a blog2) Decide your hosting provider.

My recommendation here would be to pick up a trustworthy host because it will be your blog home. Speed, accessibility, and support are the key factors in order to make a decision. The top fear of a blogger is to have the blog down. To avoid it you want to be able to call when an issue arises and have it fixed as soon as possible. There are many hosting services we’ve used, however, if what you want is a “starter” option easy to set up, Bluehost would be a good choice.

If your budget is tight and you want to do the set up in only a few minutes, you may want to consider starting out with the “starter” option. This is the option I most often recommend for people who want to create a blog for the first time. I’ve been using this service for more than a year and I’ve never had any downtime or problem.

Bluehost offers a hosting plan for a reasonable $3.95 per month when you sign up for 36 months (only using my discount link). The payment would be for the 36 months up front, but you can decide to cancel at any time with the good news that they offer a money-back guarantee.

So let’s say you’ve been using Bluehost for 3 months and decide to cancel or switch, they would refund you the remaining 33 months. If you don’t feel like signing up for 36 months, they offer other packages for 12 and 24 months which are good choices as well.  Nobody in the market can beat the prices and excellent service provided by Bluehost

3) Install and personalise WordPress.

Already got a domain name and hosting package? Congratulations! The last thing to do is to install WordPress into your blog and starting personalising it. WordPress installation will vary depending on the hosting service used. Some hosts offer the “one click WordPress installation” button but others don’t and it needs to be installed manually.

If you are a new blogger, Bluehost is the perfect place to start because it provides the “one click WordPress installation” button. So, we’re going to use them in our hosting setup example.

Click here to start the process.

Steps To Start A Blog With Bluehost (Under 10 Minutes)

Don’t be scared by the fact that there are 17 steps, each of them will take less than 30 seconds! This means I’ve broken the process down to make it as easy as possible.

Step 1 – Go to Bluehost

Go to Passive Income Wise Bluehost. You’ll be landing to Bluehost through my affiliate link and you may get a small discount for signing up through my code. By clicking on the green “Get Started Now” button you will move to Step 2.

Step 2 – Select Your Plan

Select your plan. By default Bluehost suggests using the “plus” plan, but if you don’t have the intention of having more than one website you may consider selecting the “basic” plan.

Step 3 – Register your domain

Register your domain name with Bluehost by entering it under the “new domain” button and then click “next”.

step 3 - register domain name

Step 4 – Fill in your info

Fill in with your account information.

step 4 - account information

Step 5 – Select your plan

Continue on the same page and scroll down, you will find the “package information” box. The cheapest fare is by selecting the 36 months option. Be aware that Bluehost charges you for the full amount (36 months) up front.

That’s why they have these competitive prices. They also have a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have any risk of losing your money. You can decide to cancel at any time and they will refund your money back.

If prepaying 36 months is too much for your budget you could consider the 12 months option.

There are many services available on this box but you don’t need to worry about those yet. You can add them later. However, we always recommend using any sort of backup system for your blog, but this is something we’ll address later.

Step 6 – Enter your billing info

Enter your billing information, tick the box to confirm you’ve read the service agreements, and then click “submit”.

step 6 - billing information

Step 7 – Congratulations! You have a blog

Congratulations! You already have your blog with Bluehost. Now you need to create a password.

step 7 - set up password

Step 8 – Create a password

Create or generate your own password. This will be your Bluehost account password. You’ll be able to change it anytime. Using the “Password Generator” will help up choosing a strong password. Don’t forget it!

step 8 - generate password

Step 9 – Log into Bluehost

Log into your Bluehost account using the password from step 8. Make sure you’re under the “hosting login” button.

step 9 - bluehost log in

Step 10 – Install WordPress

Once logged in, you’ll be in your account dashboard. The first thing to do here is to install WordPress by clicking the “Install WordPress” button.

step 10 - install wordpress

Step 11 – Click “Install”

step 11 - install wordpress for free

Step 12 – Select Domain to install

Select which domain you would like to install to. Here you should write your domain name from step 3. Then, click the “Check domain” button.

step 12 - check domain

Step 13 – Name your blog

Click “Show advanced options” and name your site (you can change it later). You need to create an username and a password (be aware that this username and password has nothing to do with the Bluehost login details). Make sure that the “Automatically create a new database for this installation” is ticked and the Terms button. Now click the “Install now” button.

step 13 - site name or title

Step 14 – Install is complete

Your Install is complete. The orange bar indicates that WordPress has been successfully installed.

step 14 - your install is complete

Step 15 – Check your email

Check your email, you should have an email from MOJO Marketplace. This email contains your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username. Don’t delete it and put it in a safe place.

step 15 - mojo marketplace email

Step 16 – Log into WordPress

From the previous email, click the Admin URL. It will take you to your blog login page. Enter your username and password.

step 16 - log in to wordpress

Step 17 – Start writing and enjoy

You are now in your WordPress dashboard. Spend some time trying to figure out the basics of blogging, it’s very intuitive.

step 17 - wordpress main page

Make It Attractive: Choose Your WP Theme

Congratulations! You did it! Now you want to make your blog attractive to your readers, don’t you? WordPress come with a very basic Theme by default, but you can change it. You will find plenty of free themes under the “Appearance menu” in “Themes”.

My recommendation for you is to choose any paid theme from StudioPress, they have the best and most affordable WP themes, many of them used for the most famous bloggers. For as low as $50-$60 you will have your own WP theme easy to personalise.

StudioPress also offers 12 months of support for you to ask them as many questions as you want, related to your website. This is the best choice for starters so you will never get stuck in the process. Click here to have a look to StudioPress WordPress themes.

start a wordpress blogWrapping Up

That’s all about how to start a blog! The next steps are very intuitive and you will learn about writing posts, pages and comments, as well as adding plugins to make your blog look more professional. Once finished this tutorial you are ready to write amazing content and start receiving visitors.

If you sign up for Bluehost and have any further question about the technical aspects of setting up a blog, please ask in the comments. I promise to answer as fast as I can. Enjoy your blogging experience!

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, I created a tutorial-guide that will help you start your own blog for cheap, You need very little investment, starting at only $3.95 per month (this deal is only through my link) for blog hosting. Additionally, you will get a free blog domain (valued at $12-15) through my Bluehost link, only if your purchase is for at least 12 months of blog hosting. My recommendation is for you to be self-hosted. This is important if you want to monetize your blog because your website will look more professional.

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    • Thank you for the advice, I’m checking my links but it seems they are working, perhaps there are some country restrictions.

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