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25 Smart Strategies To Increase Your Blog Traffic

March 8, 2017 Francisco Anes 7

Before I get into my effective strategies I wanted to give you a quick background and tell you about my blogging experience so you can understand how I built profitable websites. I started blogging in 2015 as an entertainment. I wanted to learn how to start a website and share some of my thoughts. I didn’t have any idea about blogging. I wasn’t even aware that you can make money from your blog, but I started digging and I figured it out. My first year was a bit about learning, I didn’t really have Read more […]


How To fill in the Tax Return Online in the UK For Bloggers

January 16, 2017 Francisco Anes 0

I’ve been blogging for a while, but this year is the first time I’ve needed to fill in the tax return by myself. It was a very scary situation because time ago I got a fine for £1,000 from HMRC (which I sorted out because it was a mistake from them). The thing is that I like to do things properly, so I didn’t want to have any mistake in my application. After some time researching and with some help from PiiGirl, I’ve filled my Tax Return. In this post, I will explain how to do it. So Read more […]

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Google AdSense vs Monumetric: Which One Is Better?

November 10, 2016 Francisco Anes 12

Since my last income report, many people has asked me about Monumetric. The truth is that since I found Monumetric, I’ve been in love with it. When I changed from Google Adsense to Monumetric, my income increases in a 300%. Yes, that means I started earning three times more from Monumetric than from AdSense. Today I’m doing a comparison between the well known Google AdSense and Monumetric. I’ve been using both for quite a while and I will show you my case study. It is an absolutely fantastic Read more […]

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Content Samurai Review – How To Create Engaging Videos In Minutes

September 24, 2016 Francisco Anes 1

Most of my regular readers will know already that my top priority for my online business is based on delivering outstanding content. Over the past few months I have been using more and more often Content Samurai, and now it’s an irreplaceable tool for my content strategy. It is an absolutely fantastic tool that I use as part of my post schedule every time I generate video content. Content Samurai As Part Of My Content Strategy  First, you need to know why videos are critical to the success Read more […]

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Affiliate Programs

ShareASale: Why Do I Like It and How to Sign Up as an Affiliate

February 8, 2016 Francisco Anes 13

The first time I heard about ShareASale I was looking for a specific product to promote in one of my websites. The merchant affiliate program was through ShareASale. I did never hear about them before but it was the only way to promote this product, so reading a little bit about them I was determined to give it a try. The truth is that the application procedure was very easy and in less than 24 hours I was approved. How to Sign Up as an Affiliate with ShareASale Submitting the application Read more […]

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Qmee and a little bit of passive income

February 5, 2016 Francisco Anes 0

Today I joined a new program to make some extra money. At the beginning I though this is a scam but after reading on the internet and checking it myself I realised how good it is. Qmee is a simple internet browser app extension that allows you to earn some easy money on the side. Basically, you do your google/yahoo/ebay/amazon searches as normal and sometimes ads ad links come up on the side. Clicking those ad links range from 5-20 cents that goes into your Qmee PiggyBank. Paypal cashout has Read more […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Link Building After Penguin 4.0

January 22, 2016 Francisco Anes 14

I’ve seen many bloggers writing about how to do link building, some of them are good, others are not, but what most of them have in common is that they talk about black hat links at some point. After some time I’ve decided to write this guide about link building because, after all, this is what has worked for me. My Link Building Case Study The guide you are going to read is based on real facts. Before starting with Passive Income Wise, I created a bunch of sites. I’ve been learning Read more […]


How to Start a Blog Step by Step

December 30, 2015 Francisco Anes 6

Today, you will learn how easy is creating your own blog from scratch. Since I started blogging, my life has changed and I make hundreds of dollars a month, just by doing what I like. On top of that, you can start your own money-making blog with few dollars a month! In the guide, I have included a discounted price with Bluehost so that you can start a blog very cheap. A free blog domain will also be included through my link too. I’m not sure how long these low prices will last so act quickly! Click Read more […]